Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pechanga's Promises of Casino Revenue FAIL to Pan OUT

Just a few months ago, images of smiling children, police officers and firefighters filled TV screens and mailboxes across the state, urging voters to support major casino expansions for four Southern California tribes.
Gov. Schwarzenegger and other government officials promised that the tribes would help balance the state's troubled budget with an influx of gambling dollars. The casino riches would help protect state funding for schools, police and fire departments, health care and roads, the tribes and their supporters said.
Voters approved the deals, but recent signs suggest the promises may not pan out. Deals touted as a sure-fire way to help the state weather economic slumps are now struggling themselves. PECHANGA LAYOFFS

SCHWARZENEGGER says: "They have to make decisions, just like we do or like businesses do anywhere else, according to what is the demand," Schwarzenegger said of the tribes. "But I think that the compacts were really solid compacts, and there will be, really, billions and billions of dollars over the next 20 years of additional revenues for the state, which the state needs very badly." OP: ARNOLD, NOT with the spending plans that you have. YOU have to cut spending to balance our budget. YOU made it seem like this would be a bailout, when , if fact it was a bad bill

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Anonymous said...

No Joke. The casions continue to rake in billions though. Even the tribes who have kicked out their own blood.

OPechanga said...

The casinos were supposed to benefit ALL Tribal members. That's what the people of California took to mean SELF-RELIANCE.
They didn't expect tribes to eliminate rightful members in a bid in line their won pockets.

The tribes told us they would place their slots to generate maximum dollars, at the upper end of the scale. Now, we will be lucky to get to the bottom of the scale, yet, those same tribes will be reaping major money, with little of the benefit to the state.

It's time to legalize gambling in the state, so the state can get the most money as possible.

wiaasal said...

The point on another thread of the tribe spending $50 million on the campaign to pass the new compacts shows were the CPP heart is at.

Spend what ever it takes to hold the power, but screw the little people.

stand your ground said...

I would support legalized gaming in this State if it ever hits the ballot box...more money for the State and what is good for the Goose is even better for the Gander. A Gambler will go to where they are treated with fairness, which rarely happens at souvereign Indian Casino's. There is enough money to go around it can be shared {EXCEPT FOR THOSE INDIANS WHO WHERE DISENROLLED, BANISHED AND DISMEMBERED BY THEIR TRIBES}they will have to fight for their inherited rights..its coming...