Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pechanga Castoffs to Strain Riverside County

Pechanga's layoff of 400 workers, many of them skilled, higher paid dealer jobs ($75,000 per year) will cause a lot of strain of the county as they try to place workers and get them retrained.

The Press Enterprise has a complete story.

The county agency that helps retrain laid-off workers usually manages to find new jobs for more than three-quarters of them.
But the ones laid off by the Pechanga Resort & Casino this week face a job market already glutted by growing numbers of unemployed blue- and white-collar workers and businesses worried that adding new employees might damage their already-bruised bottom lines
The skill-sets of laid-off casino workers are wide-ranging. Some, such as dealers, technicians and surveillance operators, are well-trained and well-paid. At the other end of the spectrum are food-service workers, hotel attendants and other less-skilled employees.

Will Pechanga be able to recover? Will the remaining tribal members be able to maintain their $30,500 monthly per capita checks? Will the tribe try to kick out another family in order to not cut their incomes? Will the upcoming indictments keep customers away from the casino?


Anonymous said...

The county will suffer from Pechanga's largesse. Maybe they charge a toll to get into Pechanga.

Maybe they should just legalize gaming. We aren't benefitting from tribal gaming and the tribes like Pechanga have already made enough bank.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga has created this for their selves. Get what you give. They have done wrong to theri people. If you understand the way, it is comming back to you.