Monday, July 28, 2008

San Pascual Steals Per Capita From 50 Members

A BOYCOTT of San Pascual may be needed, along with Pechanga. Your MORAL OUTRAGE can be displayed by NOT patronizing casinos and businesses that treat their people like this.

A San Diego County Indian tribe could face fines or other sanctions for withholding casino profits from about 50 people whom they claim are not legitimate members.

Southern California's Bureau of Indian Affairs chief James Fletcher said Friday's action by the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians could put it in violation of Indian gaming revenue sharing rules.

San Pasqual officials also fired several people from tribal jobs and leadership positions and said they would evict them from homes on tribal land. Fascists!

Officials said the people who face exclusion from the 300-member tribe are decedents of a man who was not a full-blooded Indian.
But some of the decedents say they are being targeted by tribe members who don't want to share profits from the tribe's Valley View casino.


Anonymous said...

Pechanga .net has this story up on their site. It's funny how they didn't put up many stories when the Pechanga tribe was terminating Indians from the tribe.

Of course, the owner benefitted greatly by having members kicked out didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the BIA stand up when terminations were happening at Chukchansi?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fletcher is trying to save his soul for what he allowed to happen in his own tribe?

Anonymous said...

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