Sunday, July 6, 2008

Protect Bingo for Churches: TRIBES say, do as we want, NOT as we DID


The widening political and legal fight over electronic bingo appears to be following a pattern that opened the doors to Nevada-style Indian casinos in California a decade ago.

A week ago, a federal judge agreed to allow charities and nonprofit groups to continue operating lucrative bingo machines while their legal status is sorted out in litigation that could take months, if not years, to run its course.
In a similar situation that played out during the 1990s, the state ultimately won a federal ruling that it was not obligated to permit slot machines in tribal casinos. But by then, the larger battle had been lost. Tribes had amassed the money, political clout and public support to get what they wanted in a public vote.

“You ain't seen nothing yet,” state Sen. Jim Battin, R-Palm Desert, warned recently about the spread of bingo machines. “This will parade like wildfire across the state.” YES, JUST LIKE INDIAN GAMING that supports you.

OP: Battin doesn't say the REAL reason why he's against it: He being PAID by the tribes. Into his campaign coffers/ defense funds. So, WHAT do you have against churches Jim? Many Tribes like Pechanga, Picayune and Enterprise have shown their unworthiness of gaining gambling on their reservations. They've DESTROYED a huge portion of their tribes and you sit and pander to them.

The rest of the story is HERE Let's make gambling legal throughout California!


stand your ground said...

I hope it does spread like wildfire across California. Why should it be any different from what the Tribes wanted? Jim Batton is truly a Hypocrite. I guess the Charities and the Churches don't have enough money to buy his support.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe the rich gaming tribes should give more money to churches and charities and then maybe they wouldn't have to have gaming of their own.

At least more than the relative drop in the bucket they now give.