Monday, July 21, 2008

And Now....... a Word from our Sponsors

Well, not really, but the links you see on my right column >>>----------->
are links to family businesses. They are UNPAID ads and are there so that hopefully, my readers will take a look at them and see if they fit your needs. As you can read from some posts, when Pechanga terminated our family, they caused a HUGE reduction in income and benefits. Most of the family had jobs, and some have had their own businesses for some time, while others are working on new ventures.
PLEASE check the links out.
You will be helping our family out, and finding something of interest for you. And the ad for Jewelry is working out already, we've sold some scrap gold and got $800.. and I do mean scrap, so if you have some, take a look.

Also TAMRA has her NDNnews site up on Blogspot and the link has been updated.


Anonymous said...

It's GOOD that you help your family out. I hope their sites are more successful because of you.

Our family conspired to get us kicked out of the tribe. Thank you Frances, for your love of family.

Apis Clan

t'eetilawuncha! said...

We are an industrious family. We will and continue to make a difference. For our family and everyone, when things are slow, we sometimes get discouraged. This is natural. When I feel like this, I do something and it makes me rejuvenated again.
Make a phone call to a family member, have a get together, share our love. Let the kids run and play. We are stealing the sun back.

PHunter said...

Support your family, send the web address to all your friends.

Let's make the internet work for us.