Saturday, July 19, 2008


That is the safest bet. Vote NO to Andy Masiel. No outsider as the face of Pechanga.

UPDATE: The voters of Pechanga (less because Masiels-led group got 25% of the tribe elimated) have spoken and have unseated Andrew Masiel, who will now lose $95,000 in income. Smart move, remaining tribal members.


Anonymous said...

You Hunters will not be able to stop the Masiels. We have the will to succeed where the Mirandas and Hunters obviously do not.

We have brought the tribe to where we are today, can you say the same?

You took and took and weren't willing to do the dirty work. And now, you are outside the tribe and that's where you belong and where you'll stay.

Shut up and go away, we'll take it from here. Good riddance.

We work for the good of the tribe, can any of you say the same thing. I've been reading this "blog" for a long time and you go over the same ground.

Give are nothings...

OPechanga said...

The Masiels will stop themselves. They are shamed by having one of their own steal from the tribe.

But can the Masiels actually feel shame? Don't you have to have ethics and morals first?

Enjoy the frog march of your own family.

White Buffalo said...

In the tribe to stay my name is G├╝ero Nunez what is yours? I ask this because your statements are truly vindictive, hurtful, and corrupt; consequently, it appears that you are hiding by not posting your name. Perhaps it is because you are as weak as those who broke Pechanga and Federal law to get us kicked out. For several years I have pondered why and how family could do this to family. Did you know that Jenney is my mom’s first cousin? Anyways you are nothing more than a casino want a bee. Oh forgive me for being so rude dude.

Back to the subject matter I read the post daily, and I comment once and awhile, not as much as I would like but that is because I have to work. You say that we were not contributors to the development of Pechanga well the record will show that I was involved quite a bit more than what meets the eye. Ask Markey well he probably would just lie, or you could ask that fat mean spirited relation of yours about how he kissed my grandfathers ass every time he seen us at a tribal meeting way before there ever was a casino. Yea I was involved way before when people actually had respect for those of their own family.

Last thing you should know is that there never needed to be any dirty work done in the first place. The baggiest reason why we got disenrolled is because we are not corrupt like those who pretend otherwise. In fact it seems to me that fear is the reason you write what you do and fear of discovery is the reason we were disenrolled, so listen punk if you got something to say to me personally I am easy to find, What I would rather do is forgive all of the wrong and hatred, but your post and others like it makes it difficult. Just because I would forgive you, does not make me weak it means that I am being honest, but people like you would not understand

Anonymous said...

Vote Masiel!

He and the tribe deserve each other....

I'm not only NOT, anonymous, but I also only hide behind my own name

Anonymous said...

to: In the tribe to stay...

You are naive to think that the disenrolled families and the people caught in the moratorium will just go away. You can look forward to additional heat and public exposure until the disenrolled and moratorium people, law enforcement and the courts are satisfied that justice is being done at Pechanga.

If each of the members of your family can satisfy the requirements for membership as outlined in the bylaws, you need not worry. If tribal officials have properly executed the duties of their offices, they need not worry. If members of your family or tribal officials have acted improperly, or committed crimes they will be afforded due process and brought to justice.

You must understand that the tribe's actions have been inconsistent with the appearance of reasonable standards of fairness, and have brought outside forces into tribal affairs. The outside officials looking into tribal affairs, and the actions of individual tribal members, will continue until everyone is satisfied that no criminal activity is present, and reasonable and consistent financial and administrative controls are in place.

Some of the tribal members and officials already understand what the future holds, and have acted to save themselves. For the others such as yourself, there will be much pain.

Anonymous said...

That's whay YOU say, but your family's actions prove differently.

Nobody hears you because you don't speak loud enough for anyone to hear.

Luiseno said...

Drat, what a disappointment. And here I was hoping we had someone who could speak in an intelligent and understandable manor from the other side, and then his last statement makes no sense at all. I have only one thing to say to in the tribe..

...... What the HE double hockey sticks are you trying to say!!?? .

I'm sorry but I am afraid that you make no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

To that know nothing in the tribe:

Yes, the Masiels have brought the tribe to where it is today. UP SH... CREEK...

Yes you did the dirty work....The dirty work of kicking out the real Pechanga/Temecula Indians. Masiels are not real Pechanga/Temecula Indians. They did not have the paperwork to prove they belonged in 1979. That is why the Splinter Group was formed. Butch and Jennie were the main forces behind the splinter group.

That is why Jennie pushes oral tradition so much. She has no red-ribboned, certified documents (unless they are forgeries)proving the Masiels belong. She opens her mouth with lies and calls it oral tradition.

Apparently we are being heard (especially by you).

Get your paperwork in order because your day is coming. The tides have turned against you.

We have truth and documentation on our side. You have criminals.

Anonymous said...

SORRY A Masiel!!!!!!!
the votes are in...

mm 285
am 129
gr 23!!!

way to go little mark, your lies,your tribe.

Tribal council votes...

barron 197
calac 234
luker 263
murphy 262
g pico 153
perez 245

sorry no more masiel on t.c. !!
let's go Pico!!!!!!!!!!!

t'eetilawuncha! said...

The Salazar, Basquez, Masiel vote was from thier family, that's it.

Jenny is famous for saying she knows how to count votes.

Very easy now that 25% of the tribe has been eleminated.

Out of 800 "only 350-400 real voters", Masiel family recieved Ohhh!, their family votes
+ or - 10.

Get your paperwork ready!

Anonymous said...

To "In the Tribe to Stay," why was your family even cleared for disenrollment?

The committee that made the decision on your family only had three members on it and it is supposed to have ten members.

A quorum is 51 percent or six members so because the committee was not legally constituted the decision to clear your family should be null and void.

Was your family illegally cleared so that your family members could be reinstated to the enrollment committee so that they could vote out of the enrollment committee members from the Hunters and M Mirandas and all of their families for payback for filing disenrollment on your families?

One of the reasons for kicking out the Hunters was that they were under investigation before the petition to stop all disenrollment was passed so, wrongly I believe, they were still under the previous law.

But if that is the case and your family wasn't lawfully cleared of disenrollment allegations prior to the 2005 law being passed, then shouldn't your family be under the previous law also?

As some of the other posters have pointed out, get your paperwork in order!