Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pechanga Meets Its Payment Deadline

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians on Wednesday made its first payment to the state under terms of its amended gaming compact.

There was concern about Pechanga meeting its payment obligations since news of the HUGE number of people being laid off. Pechanga has lost business due to the economy and the thug behavior of it's youth had cause SILK nightclub to close down.
Additionally, news of a commercial bribery scheme broke recently where a Pechanga employee was charging $3,000 to falsify applications for job applicants to get consideration.

Pechanga had paid multiple millions more than 3 other gaming tribes in order for their Prop 94 to pass.


ex-pechanga-goer said...

any word on how much they paid?...does anyone think that this is the reason for the sudden lay-offs and stories about falling revenue??...just a p.r. stunt to pay the State less??..

O Pechanga said...

The payment was just short of $31 million.

They paid what they owed and then patted themselves on the back for living up to their "obligations"

ex-pechanga-goer said...

is this payment once a year?..and OP....have you heard if all this money going out is going to cut into the per capita?..supposed falling payments...lay-offs...karma is a bitch!!...hope it keeps biting them in the ass for what they have done to you converted me...from going to Pechanga every a complete boycott on my part...and am trying to spread the word!!!

O Pechanga said...

This is a quarterly payment and Pechanga made it on the last day, I believe.

Per Capita was based on 90 percent of the net profit going to pay per cap. If profits are down, then per cap should go down accordingly.

Eliminating 400 hard working employees reduces costs, thereby keeping profits up.

All laid off employees should be telling their friends and family about this site and others and keep the news flowing.

Ruelas said...

Isn't the crowing of paying what you owe, similar to bragging about wiping your butt after taking a crap?

Luiseno said...

All laid off employees should be telling their friends and family about this site and others and keep the news flowing.

The Pechanga people in power are very good at threatening and intimidating others who might want to speak to others about what is happening or has happened. I am sure they all went through the standard process of threats and many if not all are afraid of speaking out.