Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I guess the "agreement" wasn't all it was purported to be? This IS serious. A law enforcement agency requesting the shutdown of a sovereign nations casino. But the NIGC had alread put Soboba on notice that this was a possibility.
What will the reaction of tribal members be? The FBI is certainly spending a LOT of time around our local Indian tribes. Is this what we expected from self-reliance? UPDATED

When the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians signed an agreement a few weeks ago, the sheriff and tribal chairman posed for photos side-by-side as they talked about their cooperative relationship.
But it was clear, as soon as the photo ops ended, that the two parties had different opinions on how much access deputies should have to the reservation. Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado said the deputies needed tribal permission to enter the reservation for anything other than 911 calls and hot pursuits; Sheriff Stanley Sniff said his deputies needed no such permission.

That difference of opinion has reached a breaking point, with Sniff announcing this morning that he is requesting the federal government shut down the casino. Sniff said he sent a letter Monday to the National Indian Gaming Commission, formally requesting the federal regulatory agency close Soboba Casino near San Jacinto.

Sniff announced the letter this morning at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors' meeting.
Sniff also has asked the FBI to review two officer-involved shootings that left three tribal members dead on the reservation in May.
County Supervisor Jeff Stone called for Soboba to replace Salgado as chairman and for residents to avoid the tribe's casino as unsafe.
"Unfortunately, tribal members at least from this tribe believe they are above the law," said Supervisor John Tavaglione. "I hope that Mr. Salgado will either show some leadership or step down."
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The Desert Sun reports: Smith said deputies were being stopped at a guard shack, obstructing them from getting onto the reservation to serve warrants or conduct routine patrols. OP: Didn't a former Pechanga tribal council member run onto the rez like a punk-assed-bitch to escape talking to RCSD in an assault issue?
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