Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PECHANGA Casino Announces LAYOFFS 400 employees kicked to the curb UPDATED

UPDATE: The comment section is filling up at this news site it's a good opportunity to be heard.
UPDATE: KCAL 9 has the story on it's website: LINK Amy Linnear speaks for PDC & Pechanga. KNBC has the story and a comment section at this LINK

This time, it's not tribal members that are being unconstitutionally ousted. Pechanga has announced that they will lay off 400 employees. Thanks to John Cornsilk for linking us.

The economy was blamed for the near 9 percent trim on its workforce.“This has been the most difficult decision we have had to make since beginning operations,’’ Amy Minniear, president of the Pechanga Development Corp., said in a statement.“For months we have resisted the pressure to lay team members off,’’ Minniear said. “But because of the prolonged economic downturn, we must downsize in order to adjust to the current market conditions and position ourselves for success once the economy recovers.”The definite number of job cuts has not yet been determined, nor has the job type. Minniear noted that a comprehensive severance package, including outplacement services, would be developed. Amy, not just the economy, the word of what the TRIBE has done to its people is spreading. Temecula is just not into the casino because of it.

People of California, Pechanga told us that they would help balance the budget IF we gave them more machines. They TOLD us that the money would come rolling in. Yet, now, we have the first layoffs from Pechanga, in a "bad market"? Did we not tell you that Pechanga would have to have all machines available running 24/7 to generate the money they claimed?

Is it a bad economy, or the bad publicity over Pechanga's actions in violating the civil rights of 25% of their tribal membership? Is it the fact that Pechanga spent $50 MILLION more than the other big 3 tribes trying to overcome the stench of their tribal massacre? And, was it their closure of their popular nightclubs due to thuggish behavior?

Stay away from Pechanga! Make those who were greedy, suffer from their own evil doing.

Would I still want to be a member of Pechanga? YOU'RE DAMN right I would! I was a member when there was only SAND, so I'd take a restoration of my membership when there is only sand again.
Teetilawuncha had the story earlier today. Pechanga.net has it already buried behind some stories published earlier in the day. Paulina Hunters Blog has it
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