Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Effect of Slavery on the Cherokee Freedmen/Women

The blog BEAUTIFUL, ALSO, ARE THE SOULS OF MY BLACK SISTERS has quite a bit of information as to how the Cherokee benefitted from slavery and the effects on those they are trying to disenroll. It's good reading and well sourced.

Their voice is clear as to who should be citizens of the Cherokee Nation,” Smith said. “No one else has the right to make that determination. It was a right of self-government, affirmed in 23 treaties with Great Britain and the United States and paid dearly with 4,000 lives on the Trail of Tears.”

He also conveniently forgot all the black slaves who were drug, with chains around their necks, walking behind the horses of the slave-holding Cherokees, many of whom also died along the infamous Trail of Tears with the Cherokees.

AIRRO is fighting for the rights of disenfranchised Indians. Have you joined in to add your voice?
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