Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cherokee President Chad Smith: Our Slaves Were Treated Well

CNOT President Chad Smith says that, our slavery was the good kind? If you are not FREE Chad, it's still slavery. How many of your slaves WANTED to die on the Trail of Tears? Let's see, Chad wants to look at this portion of the Freedmen Diaries, but he's not concerned about the words of his ancestors who say the Freedmen were part of the Tribe? UPDATE: WELCOME to all of John Cornsilks Readers! Thank you for coming and please come back. From the ICT article: Slavery is slavery,” Smith said. “But the way people inter-reacted was largely different between the Deep South and in Indian territories, especially among the Cherokee. If you go to the freedmen diaries and comments, almost without exception, they felt that they were treated well and fairly, and had a great affinity for Cherokee families and their social life. And so it’s wrong to cast us in the same broad brush as you would talk about slavery in the Deep South.”Under the existential circumstances enforced by the war, Smith has explained, the Cherokee in Oklahoma sided with the Confederacy at the outset of the war, and with the Union later. The price of their post-war readmission to the Union was to ordain their former slaves as tribal citizens in an 1866 treaty, an interpretation upheld since in the courts Congressional action on housing bill follows freedmen forum The bill, H.R. 2786, reauthorizing the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Assistance Act, passed the Senate on Sept. 25 and the House of Representatives on Sept. 27 with a section that channels funding to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma provided a tribal court injunction against freedmen disenrollment remains in place, or until the nation and the freedmen settle their differences out of court. Watson, a Democrat from California, denounced Congress for not intervening against the Cherokee Nation, adding that Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., chairman of Natural Resources, the committee of jurisdiction for most Indian issues in the House, has agreed to hold a hearing on the freedmen issue in the next Congress. Smith said Watson has never taken up numerous opportunities to meet with him, though other members of the CBC have been forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

Slaves were well treated!

It's the FREEDMEN that are being treated badly.

Anonymous said...

How can you be treated "fairly" if you are OWNED?

Would the President of the Cherokee feel slavery of his black brothers would be okay as long as they were treated FAIRLY?

What guidelines would he want on holding slaves?

Anonymous said...

Chad has nothing against slaves, he's probably always wanted to own one.

Anonymous said...

What's a few thousand black descendents in the grand scheme of things?

Hey, shouldn't Chad be termed out?

The Local Crank said...

Oh dear Lord. Please, Chad, for the love of God, stop talking!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that like saying that a rape victim should "lay back and enjoy it?" How stupid is Chad Smith anyway.

A velvet shackle is STILL a shackle Chad.