Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guero Nunez, Manuela Miranda Descendent, Speaks on Another Year of Disenrollment

Guero Nunez, the White Buffalo of Pechanga's Pablo Apis ancestry, and from the Manuela Miranda line, left a good comment on a previous post, I thought we should promote it to the front page.

It might be said that we have accomplished nothing in the past year, but this is only a statement that is meant to discourage.

Your efforts in publicising the corruption of the Casino Indians has cost them millions of dollars. Keep vigilant in your efforts to stop the genocide of tradition and family lines that are the embodiment of a once proud people.

In your efforts rests the spirit of your ancestor's. It is my wish, hope, and goal for the new year to see the ruination of our culture stopped and all families who were made to suffer the injustice of the corrupt restored in body and spirit. Pray for strength of spirit to continue the fight in the new year.

Every breath that speaks of the wrongs, and every word written about the lies and illegal acts will further the cause so keep in your heart the knowledge of right and wrong and what it is you fight for 2010 is a year to stand with your brothers and sisters in this circle of life

Guero Nunez aka White Buffalo

OP: My feeling is that we must keep expanding our voice and letting more people know what is happening. We can't count on the news media to help us, they depend on casino revenues. We must count on ourselves and our friends to help us. Use the resources we can afford, such as Facebook, MySpace and other social networks. Ask your friends to check this blog and and We need their support. And if tribes like Pechanga, the Creek, The Cherokee, Redding have to keep spending on politicians to turn the other way on what is right, that's less money they have for their Hummers. Don't let their satisfaction at cruelly wiping out the memory of our ancestors AND their rightful place in the tribes to come without a price.

Guero is right, Pechanga had to spend about $50 million MORE to defend their proposition for expanded gaming and they haven't fulfilled their promise to us either. Stand strong and be vocal with your voice, your computer, your fax and your phone.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Guero, for stepping out front.

Time to recall all the warriors in our families to fight with their computers, their faxes and their pens.