Monday, June 28, 2021

Gavin Newsom bans travel to 17 States because of bigotry, but DOES NOT ban Events at Casinos That


Dear Gavin Newsom if you can ban state travel to 17 states because of bigotry to our two-spirit friends and family, you CERTAINLY can STOP any state travel/events to casino tribes that ABUSE civil/human rights, practices segregation, apartheid

MY gay AND Black family members was disenrolled against the tribe's own laws. Why do you honor the man who continues the abuses on your Truth and Healing Council with a VOTE?
Your apology to Native Americans was sullied by you standing with two tribal chairmen who stripped hundreds of their tribal citizenship. Instead you standing up for 11,000 of us, you stood with abusers. You didn't protect Californians from gathering at casinos either.

HELP protect and defend Native Californians from the civil and human rights abuses.

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The Native King said...

We do not honor a man who thinks he can shut up California Native America, by making a fake and unless program called the Native program with Mark Macarro a corrupted individual who has to do with disenrolling Paulina's hunters tribe.