Saturday, June 19, 2021

Disenrollment On the Agenda at California Healing Commission" One Small Step Can Lead to Another


Small steps can have big results.  We aren't there, but thankfully the California Native American Tribal Healing Commission had disenrollment on it's agenda.

Chukchansi descendent Cathy Cory spoke on the topic at the 2:25 mark in  THIS VIDEO   about the THOUSANDS of California Indians disenrolled by their tribes

Carmen Lucas spoke after Cathy.  

"I do feel very strongly that when folks have been part of an Indian tribe through many years, whether it's been part of a bloodline or years ago they were adopted, then all of a sudden they're disenrolled."  "That's a very strong, deep spiritual violation, much like a puncture wound" 

OP: Yes, a puncture wound to the heart and to the spirit of our ancestors

Comments were made in front of Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro. 

Council member Joseph Giovannetti (Tolowa) also spoke about some history of meetings he was involved in with Dennis Chappabitty.  And the BIA concept of blood quantum. 

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