Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Jose Juan of San Pasqual
GIVING UP IS NOT in the plans for the San Pasqual Descendants in their quest for JUSTICE for their ancestors and themselves.  Today, we have some evidence of what could be deliberate malfeasance on the part of San Pasqual Tribal council ....malfeasance. In this case, DAVE TOLER may have deliberately mislead the Bureau of Indian Affairs, on the Jose Juan history.

It appears, that Toler used any old Jose Juan's history to mislead the BIA in order to keep the proper descendants out of the tribe and keep the descendants of white man Frank Trask in place.  Toler was also confronted in this video by Huumaay Quisquis.

The JUSTICE Department and its attorney George Manahan face a dilemma: DO they GO FOR THE WIN, or Do THEY SEEK JUSTICE?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is being sued because they unconstitutionally recognized nonmembers of the tribe and allowed them to vote on and participate in tribal matters.

Rather than doing the right thing, the DOJ's attorneys are there to defend the BIA, no matter how egregious the offense.  In fact, it is like an unethical criminal defense attorney, defending a mass murderer in a criminal case, and they want to win at all costs, rather than quietly admitting they are wrong and enrolling the true SP descendants.  THEY COULD tell their client, the BIA to SETTLE the case. BUT THEY WON'T, right Mr. Manahan?

Here is the letter from Jose Juan Descendants attorney Alexandra MacIntosh taken from Facebook pages of descendants. Edited to add PDF which is easier to read for some.

DOES the JUSTICE DEPT seek JUSTICE......or will they believe that when count coup on real San Pasqual Indians, they have done their job?



More Truth has come into the light. Disgusting were the deeds of this Man David Toler. Now he Is a joke to the world and those who bought his book " an "Ipai Story..".It should. Of been called "The Lying Story"...

Anonymous said...

I have one question. Why does Jose Juan Martinez have a full beard and has claim to be a full blooded indian? What is the families legitimate reasoning? Should it just be ignored? Just wondering and looking forward to Remedy Pontas reason, hopefully without flamboyant profanity.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing...natives don't have facial hair unless mixed with Mexican or something else that does have facial hair. Even to this day you get natives who can't grow facial hair because they got those genetics. I've also seen Frank Trask photo and he is straight out white man. My other question why were the Jose Juan descendants enrolled in 2005? 4 year after the casino? Why didn't you enroll befor or when you were younger or why didn't your parents? I'm always suspicious of people enrolling after the casinos came around. Why did they not care to enroll when there was no casino or fight this hard?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, you guys are too much. You worry about facial hair? Wow, you are totally ignorant. You want to attack other natives? You should be ashamed of yourselves. So, maybe you should take a good long look at yourselves and be ashamed.

Have you ever heard of Pachilawa, a Walapai Indian Chief? Probably not. He had facial hair! How about the Karok Indians? Uh, Leonard Peltier? How about the Salish? Northwest Coast men also wore mustaches and sometimes beards, while men in most other Native American tribes kept their faces shaved. Most had thin wispy hair, which they began plucking at the start of puberty to thicken the hair . .. because it was the fashion to have a beard and mustache. Many tribes had a tradition of plucking the mustache and beard out with mussel shells used as tweezers but for those that did grow beards and mustaches the results were excellent. Look around at many of your elders, today, facial hair?

Anonymous people at August 9, 2017 at 5:28 PM, August 9, 2017 at 10:16 PM, you should be ashamed of yourself for your ignorance and disgusting attack on your native brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Shameful anonymous August 9, 2017 at 10:16 PM"

Clearly you do not know any of the history of the San Pasqual Indians, because if you did, you would not post illiterate and uninformed statements.

The ancestors of the San Pasqual Indians fought against the government more than any other tribe in San Diego County. They refused to be moved at gun point and marched to a new home. They fought back against the white men from Ohio that burned them off of their land, in order to steal their aboriginal land. You probably didn't know that they went so far as to file a law suit and fight their eviction. What did your ancestors do to fight against being put on a reserve? Nothing. No one but the San Pasqual Indians fought, in the best way they could at the time. Even in the early 20th century, there are government records that discuss Jose Juan, who still had native pride to tell the government truth to power.

When the Bureau wrongfully and fraudulently enrolled the non-San Pasqual people, the San Pasqual Indians fought for years, which is well documented. But you have no clue, obviously. If you are native, what exactly did your ancestors do about eviction, relocation, etc. Absolutely nothing! That is why you are on the reserves you are on, today? Yet, you attack the true San Pasqual descendants? You shout that the San Pasqual descendants are Mexican? What do you think you are? Prior to 1848, what country did California belong to? Natives of California ARE aboriginal 'Mexican' Indians. Yes, you should be ashamed of yourselves, not only for not knowing your own history . . . . but I agree, for attacking your fellow Native Americans, who will continue to fight against the injustices - and which some day may benefit all of you assholes. It seems that you have nothing better to do that bitch, whine, misunderstand real Native pride the San Pasqual demonstrate every day, attack their bravery, question their motivations, when you have such big chips on your own shoulders you can't see the forest for the trees.

Anonymous said...

Although the US Government lied, cheated and defrauded the San Pasqual Indians, things were 'stable' for a very long period of time. After the non-San Pasqual Trask's, and the corruption of the BIA was exposed in the mid-1950's, and the San Pasqual Indians began to migrate on to their reserve, they co-existed, but never trusted. While the San Pasqual never trusted, they co-existed . . But there were significant fights within the 'tribal government,' some of which led to indictments - you probably don't know that, either. In the 90's, the San Pasqual continued to fight against the government, but at every turn the government disregarded their objections. They filed suit, more than once, but the suits were dismissed, just like many, many other Native suits have been dismissed. Give credit, where credit is due, they tried. The San Pasqual have fought for more than 140 years in the only ways that they could.

So, why, you ask, were the descendants only enrolled in 2005? First of all, most Native history is passed down orally. Written documentation had not been that important until the mid-20th Century. What did the San Pasqual Indians do at that juncture? They hired an anthropologist who began to gather the documents. What did your ancestors do? Not much, I would say. Read Florence Shipek, Into the Rocks, where she discusses the knowledge of the elders and the work that she did, at that time.

Anonymous said...

Gaming revenue was to benefit Native American communities. Gaming revenue should be used to build roads, improve housing and education, develop social services, bring utilities, like water and electricity to the people of the Tribe. However, greed has taken over. So many Natives pump their fist in the air, Native Pride. However, many still live in abject poverty, with lower life expectancy that the average North American. Yet, you criticize?

In short, after the casino came to the San Pasqual, the non-San Pasqual began stealing, failed to pave roads. Failed to provide social services? Failed to provide services to the elderly. Failed to provide clean, well-purposed and habitable homes for all of the San Pasqual Indians. HUD homes were not even available to the true San Pasqual descendants after the fire in the early 2000's. So, is it sufficient to say, "I am Native. I know who I am. I am proud. I honor my ancestors!" No it was not, after that time. The San Pasqual Indians began to, once again, fight against government corruption. There were fights over enrollment and it came to a head in 2005. Why not in 2005? Should it have been prior? You mean for the 80-A docket was wrongfully distributed? Did it really matter prior to that, THEY ARE the true San Pasqual Indians? Everyone lived in poverty and got no benefits from the government, or otherwise, outside of Indian Health? So did it really matter, before? But, after the casino came, and the non-San Pasqual started to steal millions of $ for themselves, and the money did not benefit, everyone, It WAS time to take action. Time for paved roads. Time for clean habitable homes for EVERYONE. Time to have a rehab on the reservation. Time to have social services available for everyone. Time to have water supplied by the Tribe, and not for the Tribe to charge everyone at a profit. Time for the Tribe to be sure that everyone has electricity. IT WAS TIME, because the $$ is being stolen, wasted, and in the wrong hands, it was being abused. IT WAS TIME. This fight isn't just to put $$$$ in the pocket of the individual San Pasqual Indianb, BUT for the benefit of San Pasqual Indians, as a whole. This is NOT about one individual getting a per capita check, rather it would help so many . . . . but it is to have control, for once, to benefit ALL OF THE TRUE SAN PASQUAL INDIANS. Does it mean that no one would get per capita, absolutely not. But the operative decision is that it is to benefit ALL OF THE TRUE SAN PASQUAL. The 140 year old fight continues. Support the San Pasqual and stop being disrespectful, without knowledge.


I want to thank my people in this forum for your Beautiful Knowledge of our "Struggles and Battles"...This is truly the solid truth...Truth that outshines "Truths" Which no wicked man or evil entity can hide or debate...As for my Flamboyant prohanity..."Oh well" if it offends you "to Bad ..."live with it" 😀😍.. Only the living true God knows The Intentions of the heart".😘..and my Intentions have always been defending children and my people from the wicked stifling and corrupted unjust men in my tribe.."I knew many moons ago "what my Abuelita"..Modesta was expressing too me were not just Legends or fables.."It was Truth that has been Manifesting in these times"...and Im... That One native warrior that waits and looks for The death of Audrey Toler a True sign.. "That THE TRASK CONSPIRACY will Have its END IN THIS TIME...oh yeah ..comin thru lord. As you make your way...amen loved ones. !😊

Anonymous said...

True in 1848 all of California was Mexico, however thousands of years before Mexican rule the indigenous people had their own names, which were not in Spanish. For instance the Payomkawichum were not called Luiseno until Mexico rule came. Our customs and traditions are very different than Aztec or Mayan. Before that we were and are Payomkawichum, we speak chamteela, not Spanish or Native Mexican as you say, but I'm sure you know that. Just like i'm sure the San Pasqual have their traditional peoples name from pre Mexico rule.

Anonymous said...

So full beards are customary in Native American culture. Very Interesting. He probably just wanted to fit in with the white folk. Funny you had to research it though. It obviously is an issue if you have to defend it so much.

Anonymous said...

No one said that beards were customary in Native culture. However, do you know that the Natives in California faced in between 1850 - 1900? Funny you have to attack Natives. Make you feel better? Obviously, you are a racist that feels the need to attack Natives.