Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Democrats WHIFF FOUR TIMES in Monument Posturing Against TRUMP

FOUR Congressional Members, 100 people and NO NATIVE American Representation?  There were at least FOUR local tribal factions that could have been invited .  Gabrieleno Tongva NationGabrieleno Kizh, Gabrieleno Tongva, Tongva Nation    And not ONE?  That's a whiff on California history.

Judy Chu Forgetting Natives
a MONUMENTAL mistake

Judy Chu of Pasadena, Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles, Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks and Adam Schiff of Burbank, all Democrats — condemned Trump’s decision to review the monuments, saying the president’s action was a nod to corporate greed.    They left out they didn't give a nod to the indigenous people who, you know, STILL LIVE in the area.

Chu if you remember, didn't attend Trump's inaugaration.  She DID take the time to pen an op-ed on why the monuments were important,  as she put it: .. 
Ultimately, we had the buy-in of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, county officials from Los Angeles and San Bernardino, water agencies, non-profit groups, city councils, chambers of commerce, utilities, homeowners and recreational groups....  No room for Natives Judy?  Who then you ask?  ....environmental groups, local businesses, ski resorts like Mt. Baldy, water districts, utilities, property owners, hikers, mountain bikers, off-road vehicle users.

I'm guessing she didn't get the word from the Native American Heritage Commission in their description:

The mountains, which were designated as a national monument by President Barack Obama in 2014 and one of the monuments currently under review, are intertwined with the origin story and history of the Kizh tribe. Also known as Gabriele├▒os after the San Gabriel Mission was built by the Spanish, part of their expansive territory that is being honored includes the San Gabriel Mountains, and burial sites can be expected in the area, according to the application submitted to the NAHC.

“This is very welcomed news,” said Gary Stickel, who is tribal archeologist to the Gabriele├▒o Band of Mission Indians/Kizh Nation. “We’re going to use that to help [protect the land

 To make hay about Monuments, to gain only publicity against Trump, without honoring the ancestors of the Natives who believe the land sacred is a monumental mistake.

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