Monday, August 28, 2017

The Faces of Disenrollment: The Robert Foreman Family Ejected in 2004 and Suffered Abuses From REDDING RANCHERIA

Our series on the Faces of Disenrollment continues with the Foreman's of the Redding Rancheria

Robert Foreman

We've told some of the story of Bob Foreman and his family.  Did you know the had to dig up two of their ancestors for DNA?

The chairwoman of the Redding Rancheria in California said the tribe questioned the accuracy of DNA tests for a large family that was recently disenrolled.

To prove their heritage, the Foremans dug up two ancestors and took DNA tests. But Edwards said the process wasn't accepted by the tribe because no member witnessed the exhumations.   (OP:  Say that OUT LOUD...was there a REQUIREMENT for that?  And the Chief of the Pit River Nation Willard Rhoades, respected elder WAS PRESENT. If there was a requirement for member presence, WHY did they NOT attend? Why was that NOT mentioned?  Because the 99.7% score was too high, so they needed another excuse?)

Chair Tracy Edwards said the dispute over the Foreman family predates per capita payments from the tribe's casino. But with the 76 Foremans now gone, the remaining 212 members will get to share in the $2.7 million annual payment that previously went to the family.  (OP: It's NOT ABOUT the money?)

Carla Foreman Maslin on her father:  "He planted the seed, and others came and reaped the harvest," she said. "It's a real dishonor to my dad."

He made things happen for American Indian people during the civil rights era. He was Redding Rancheria Tribe's first Tribal Chairman after restoration. He helped with getting healthcare for American Indians, helped in getting our Indian gaming/casino "Win River Casino" & getting the clinic established. His heart, mind & spirit was always involved with the people.  

Carla also shared what happened to her family AFTER the disenrollments:

He went through heart surgery & a stroke & lived in fear that his home was going to be taken from him after being disenrolled.

Someone started a fire by his bedroom, threw paint on the photos of his mother & grandmother, and destroyed his solar panel so that his automatic driveway gate wouldn't work.

This is not RESPECT to our elders. Then to accuse him of committing FRAUD in our DNA testing.

Tribal officers told the public & the press that he is not a lineal blood descendant to his grandmother, which is a proven lie.


Justice for Bob Foreman said...

The entire tribe of Redding Rancheria lives in fear. They fear the corrupt tribal council. Just a bunch of cowards who choose money, greed and corruption over heritage and culture. No one raises there voice for justice in that tribe. They worry too much about there check every month. Which Bob Foreman made it all happen for them. What a way to thank him. This tribe is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Sounds just like the Pala Reservation.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in Grindstone Rancheria at Elk Creek, CA

Anonymous said...

what redding rancheria did to edward robert foreman and his family was a dishonor to their tribe .... he was a man of wisdom and by his own dream came to take on the what he thought would benifit his tribe .... and it paid off .... before the casino the redding rancheria was a place where no one relly wanted to go to .... i know what mr foreman had done to get his tribe on the map .... he done all the work .... and there were no haywards but art hayward who lived next door to virginia timmons .... then when mr foreman travelled and pushed for prop 5 he went to washington and other places .... representing his tribe .... where were all the others .... they didnt even no what it was like to be dirt poor .... yes when all was done and redding rancheria was on the map and getting a casino and bingo hall their were people all over the place .... you would think .... where did they come from .... they came from canada where they had the canadian accent .... yes they still acknowledge canada as their real home .... whats up .... mr foreman was a real chief and their needs to be a monument what he done for the indian community and his tribe ....