Thursday, August 24, 2017

ELEM INDIAN COLONY Shifts Goalposts on Membership Requirements To Stall Enrollments

The Elem Indian Colony, recent subject of lawsuits against their tribal disenrollment actions which were outside their constitution are now taking a different tack: Shuffling paperwork AND requirements  (again, ordinances were never legally changed)

Here is an example, of the Geary children a denial that DEMANDS.

1. Proof they were not enrolled in another tribe (Their mother is Non-Indian)  
2. Prove at least 1/8 Indian blood (Elem Government cannot do a simple math)
3. DNA test (the General Council did not legally change membership       ordinances to include a DNA test)

Tribal chairman Augustine Garcia refused request to see minutes of meeting where the DNA requirements were approved.  If the changes were just, why not show them?   Is he getting advice from BIA employees ...AGAIN?

Augustine Garcia

REMINDER:  In the recent lawsuit, the Judge demanded that the Elem Government allow all the Citizens to attend Tribal Meetings. Since then, those who live on the reservation have been turned away, violating the Federal Judge's request.  Isn't that CONTEMPT?


Kenneth Hansen said...

Unenrollment is still disenrollment and the politics of exclusion.

OPechanga said...

CHILDREN can't FIGHT back and thus easy for corrupt councils to pick on.
They ALSO don't VOTE, so politicians don't care...