Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Was Frank Trask San Pasqual Indian "ancestor" What Al Sharpton Would Call a "White Interloper"?

We had a post on the family history of current on San Pasqual's Lawson Family which included a link to the history of their ancestor Frank Trask who they claim lineage from.  Here's a picture of that "Indian" man.   While determining ancestry from a picture is not possible, was wavy hair a norm from Native men?  This picture was around the early 1900's.
Frank Trask
Here's a picture of Kumeyaay men from 1920, looking quite....dissimilar

Information from the BIA shows that  Allan Lawson Sr is from Mesa Grande, not San Pasqual. It's on a request for surplus demountable housing.  That in order to receive the house, it was accepted that he's from Mesa Grande.

Frank Trask was a judge appointed on the San Pasqual Reservation and was always mentioned as a "white caretaker" of the reservation.      The BIA relied on a 1910 "San Pasqual Census" to make this man 1/2 Indian. In 1910 this man was listed as an "Indian" in Mesa Grande and again in a township in "Escondido." The only reason he is listed as "indian" is because he married an Indian from Mesa Grande. Not only that, the own mother in a letter dated in 1920 wrote to the BIA and told them Frank Trask was not Indian nor any of the immediate ancestors.The BIA has known about this error since early 1900's, and until this day they refuse to fix it. In the meantime, the real descendants of the band are being keep out of their own REZ!

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