Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Indian Country Today: For Sale Can it Become a NATIVE RUN ENTERPRISE?

Sad news that one of the biggest names in Native news, Indian Country Today, in which I am PROUD to be published in, is looking for a buyer.

Native American publication FOR SALE

ICT published a piece by a UCLA professor Duane Champagne that was so error-laden that it had to be deliberate.   So I wrote a piece taking Champagne's piece down and they were good enough to publish it.
See: A Rebuttal to Duane Champagne

Today, Mark Trahant has an article about the publication in his TRAHANT REPORTS, which was sold to the Oneida Nation in 1998.  We've written about the Oneida Nation and it's disgraceful leader Ray Halbritter here.

Noted Native American Auther Jaqueline Keeler, who stood with us at demonstrations against tribal disenrollment in Sacramento used to write for Indian Country today.   She wrote about her firing in a Daily Kos article, that "outed" the fact that most of the salaried employees at ICT were NON-Indians.

Here's hoping that an independent Native Group can purchase this paper and continue to bring the Native Stories to the public.  In the meantime, come here for stories on Disenrollment and Tribal Corruption.

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