Thursday, August 3, 2017

San Pasqual Lawsuit Against BIA MOVES FORWARD

The LATEST news on the San Pasqual Matter:

Motions Submitted [16] MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction Plaintiffs' Complaint (ECF No. 1) and Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction (ECF No. 6), [20] MOTION to Consolidate Cases 17-cv-0938; 17-cv-1149; 16-cv-2442:
These motions are suitable for determination on the papers and without oral argument in accordance with Civil Local Rule 7.1.d.1.

Accordingly, no appearances are required and these motions will be deemed submitted as of this date. (no document attached) (sc) What this means is that there will be NO ORAL ARGUMENT ON AUGUST 10 and NO COURT APPEARANCE ON AUGUST 10.

This means is that he has all of the record before him and he does not need to hear from me or from the US Attorney in oral argument. He will make his first set of orders from all papers submitted.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, this is a lawsuit by some members of the tribe and is not a lawsuit of San Pascual vs. BIA. It would have been thrown out because of rule 19 and probably still will be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

No this is San Pasqual vs the BIA. Your members are San Pasqual yes? THEN IT IS SAN PASQUAL VS BIA. I can't wait to laugh in your face when it doesn't get thrown out because you failed to finish highschool and move on to have your mind look at unbias. Yes you are right they are going to look at factual information and throw it out? Sorry but the BIA and the US Gov't saved all records from 1909. If you ever had to do a thesis or Doctorate you would know this. Start packing your items, because I am moving into your house.

Anonymous said...

This is a suit by true San Pasqual Indians against the US Government, Secretary of Interior, Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs, Director of BIA, Pacific Regional Director and Superintendent Riverside.