Thursday, August 3, 2017

REVIEW: Pechanga Crime Family Still SHADY, And UNWORTHY of Pechanga Membership

I'll be away from the computer for a few days, so I want to repost a few items, this one, on the Masiel Basquez Crime Family, I'll add another post on the 4 generation long bad people. SHOULDN'T THIS FAMILY be disenrolled for abuse of Pechanga?

From a couple of years ago...

With the upcoming special meeting called about the Pechanga Band of Luiseno's Casino Investigation coming this Sunday, we reach back toa post from 4 years ago about the CPP not liking Jennie Miranda, whose grandmother was the matriarch of the PCF (Pechanga Crime Family). It's time for the CPP to look within and do waht is right. UPDATE: Questions include: Are the CPP truth tellers, or outrageous liars?
Would they lie about Jennie Miranda and family? Would they lie about the Hunters and Manuela Miranda descendents? Jennie, which one is it? Are they lying about YOU, or about the Hunters, OR BOTH?

The Concerned Pechanga People have been active in getting rid of two large families from Pechanga. But, according to this flyer from 1992, they absolutely DID NOT like some of the people that they subsequently conspired with to remove the Manuela Miranda and Hunter Clans. Here's the flyer:

The CPP accuse Jennie Miranda (former spokeperson for Pechanga and mother of thief Larry Miranda, soon to be indicted) of "being unfair to people" and telling "lies" and wanting to bulldoze sensitive sites and burial grounds. AMAZING that after all this, the CPP would work with Jennie to use her mother AND Frances Miranda to eliminate people.

Does this sound like someone who cares about the tribe, or themselves? CPP, how could you turn on your own people, with people like this?

And Enrollment Committee HOW could you trust people like this? And we all know, Frances hasn't got any nicer with age.


WeRone said...

How can a CPP "Concerned Pechanga People" ignore the TRUTH? The TRUTH is crystal clear. NoOne is more Pechanga than anyone else, NoONE! ALL members were enrolled by the band using custom and tradition before 1992. The band spoke loudly in the 1970 time frame and enrollment was determined by the band as a whole. Did ALL members agree, nope but the band as a whole spoke and according to custom and tradition laws were passed and followed by ALL members. Our Ancestors have recordings and for a few members to ignore those recordings and the elders who performed their sharing of the TRUTH in recorded depositions by the US government is shameful for ALL Pechanga!!! Temecula indian, Luiseno aka San Luis Rey mission indian, Pechanga indian. We are ALL members not going against the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, seems like Francis hasn't changed a bit. Still working to divide the tribe.