Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Great story from  KUOW on the NOOKSACK DISENROLLMENT

IHS Money QUOTE:  We totally believe in the sovereignty of the tribe and support that. Whatever the tribe decides to do when they have a duly elected council — if they want to disenroll folks — that’s their tribal business,” Seyler said.

Over the past few weeks, dozens of tribes across the Pacific Northwest have been paddling canoes 200-400 miles on the salty waters between Washington and Vancouver Island.

Deborah Alexander led about a dozen young paddlers on the annual canoe journey along traditional trade routes. Alexander’s canoe was filled with many people, including herself, who have been disenrolled from their tribe.

“We’re fighting for our right to remain Nooksack,” she said.

Alexander’s long wooden canoe is named after her grandmother, Emma, a symbol of disenrollment. The Nooksack tribal government said Alexander and her extended family of 306 were disenrolled because they couldn’t provide the birth certificate of Emma’s mother.

Alexander was removed from tribal rolls and fired from her job as a teacher about a year ago.

Now the federal government is stepping in. The Department of Interior says the tribe improperly disenrolled Alexander’s extended family because the disenrollments happened after the Nooksack Council failed to hold an election when many of its seats expired.

Because the tribal government lacks quorum, the Department of Interior says, the tribe does not have a government, and the feds aren’t recognizing the disenrollments.

The federal government is now denying Washington’s Nooksack tribe tens of millions of dollars. They’ve shut down the casino and are taking over tribal health care.

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