Monday, April 17, 2017


This despite the fact the Bureau has known for decades, the BIA wrongfully enrolled hundreds of Non-San Pasqual Indians in the Tribe and whose families have conspired with the BIA to keep the True San Pasqual Indians from enrollment in their Tribe, and from Federal Recognition .

San Pasqual Indians
Jose Juan and Guadalup

I have the the complaint HERE (START AT PAGE 13)

How can Bureau of Indian Affairs defend their defense of non-San Pasqual Indians, versus their defense of non-San Pasqual Indians?  It makes NO sense!  
If you think the OROVILLE DAM break would be a disaster, think what is coming up for California's Bureau of Indian Affairs, headed by Amy (her again?) Dutschke. The implications of what the B.I.A.  has done at San Pasqual is STUNNING.  There is a lawsuit outstanding now for $89 million the last I heard.   Is the Sacramento Office of Bureau of Indian Affairs going to attempt to defend their fraud and conspiracy, against the enrollment of the True San Pasqual Indians?   How will Sacramento of Bureau of Indian Affairs, complicit in the corruption of THEFT of INDIAN HERITAGE of Jose Juan & Guadalupe Descendants, defend their enrollment of non-San -Pasqual Indians against the True San Pasqual Indians?

The matter of Jose Juan, wife Guadalupe and daughter Modesta Contreras, which we wrote about in April 2014 has reached the filing stage.  Our U.S. Attorneys will be defending the United States of America.  The documentary evidence we've seen is ...overwhelming.   Might they settle to save this from becoming COBELL in magnitude and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions??

My free pacer account has expired, but I was able to cull some documents from the Case  Alegre et al v. Contreras  which is curious in would seem that it should be v. Sally Jewell, as she was in charge of the Interior Department, so I guess RYAN ZINKE gets to be named?

We've reported quite a few times about Director Dutschke in this issue at San Pasqual here and her involvement with 'family membera' who all seem to be from different tribes. Click here to read about all those issues.  And one of her family members used her position to threaten an attorney for the Pala disenrolled and putting some Pala people in danger.

We just wrote about the Bureau's OKIE-DOKE on FOIA requests by Coordinator Douglas Garcia, but is this incompetence, or intent?


Anonymous said...

need to shut down casino simple as that all u Indians are letting those idiots control ure lives if it was my family well fiqure it out

Anonymous said...

The good old Bureau of Indian affairs, That started March 11 1824. In 2010 95 % of their employees were supposedly Native American. But Many of us think that these Natives were actually Thieves. As I recall many moons ago, the people who work here as having mental and Obesity health issues, this is why their 9-5 jobs very hard and unmanageable and Mr Douglas Garcia is no exception his incompetence is evident he's lazy like his lover Amy dutschke. I agree, they need to shut the B.I.A down it's unimaginable as well as The good old Casino, Valley View in valley Center, whose resources and profits are being leached each day by Non-natives. And that is another story, and yet a nice little restitution lawsuit. :)

JazLive said...

I too, am not pleased about corporate investors disturbing the peace of "The People" who survived of centuries of government abuse ...

Anonymous said...

No one denies their citizenship. They don't have the required blood quantum. That's it.

Anonymous said...

March 9, 2017 at 12:30 PM:

Jose Juan was full blood San Pasqual Indian. Joe Villalobos is a true San Pasqual Indian who has the blood to be enrolled; along with all his cousins.
The only Sonora, Mexcian that has been in Valley Center, in the past 107 years is Mattiana Martha Warner Trask Washburn, Frank Trask's mother. Allen Lawson, Cheryl Calac, Audrey Toler and Dave Toler and all of the Trask's descend from this Sonora Mexican. And Dave Toler, the 'anonymous' papers you gave the Bureau are not the ancestor of the True San Pasqual Indians. Nice try, though!

Anonymous said...

March 10, 2017 at 3:57 PM

Wrong! We DO have sufficient blood!


buahahahahahahahah!!!! ~That was so dam, Hilarious!~ For real!!' :D! I'm not laughing about my beloved Cousin Joe Villalobos. Im laughing at the "IDIOT" who went "anonymous" and posted this Crap ~> "5 things you should know about JOE VILLALOBOS"~...hahahahaha!! "Unbelievable!! ~ This proves that the person who pointed out these facts is a "Straight Fool"~ Really.. It Reads..

1. NOT, NOR will ever be an enrolled member of San Pasqual.
2. Continues to have Incest Relationships and Breed.
3. Having an Affair with his Attorney for Services.
4. Not a San Pasqual Indian but a Sonoran Mexican descent.

...First"..of all " Who ever wrote this is has no faith in God.(period)

Second, Joe VIllalobos Baby's mother (sylvia Blanco) is not "blood of the Band". Sylvia blancos father is "Ramon Delgado" She only carries her step father's last name ~ Juan Blanco (Paternal D.N.A. can prove that).. as well as her other sister Yolanda blanco. These are my half sisters.
3 rd,..Joe Villalobos Sex life is not anyone's business, only Gods
And 4th the only ones from Sonora are~> Mattiana Martha Warner Trask Washburn, Frank Trask's mother, Who Allen Lawson, Cheryl Calac, Audrey Toler and Dave Toler and all of the Trask's descendents who derive from this Sonora Mexico. So That "anonymous Coward, needs to get his finger out his "butt' and get it right. Really what a retard. lmao!

Anonymous said...

So what now...WTF is going on? WTF is going to happen? BIA is corrupted? San Pasqual tribal members, aren't really members? Real members aren't enrolled as San Pasqual members? WTF???!!!

Anonymous said...

Correct!! Those that are running the tribe at this time., are not the "True Royal Blood line of the San Pasquals, they are " Imposters"! @ This Conspiracy Started from the top at the B.I.A many moons ago....Then you have those who are "Blood of the band.." Who work there at the tribe.. and are afraid to "Speak up" In fear of losing there Jobs then there are those whose" Per Cap" is being Robbed monthly by the frauds who were enrolled under CFR.76 <~ which is not CFR 48. Hahaha..Retards knew they were not Blood of the band..for only blood can be enrolled under soul of CFR 48..So they Enrolled under a bogus Federal Stature..76.. That does not pertain too enrollment. And The B.I.A. in there Lost food frenzi. Ate the Food and excepted all there pork chops.. Now the B.I.A ass is grass. And now,..they must pay the piper..And San Diego delegate's.. might also be in Collusion. We are scouting there Input and social lives.."Expect Us"..

Anonymous said...

FEDS will not ALLOW JUSTICE to happen. It would be TOO embarrassing.

And few care enough about San Pasqual...

Anonymous said...

screw san Pasqual Lawson Martinez and all those idiots wee\ll get theres

Anonymous said...

What Mr. frank trask did to these people is historically disgusting. We have read the book "pushed to the rocks' and the legal documentation. These people deserve their reservation back and their identities restored.This is a very sad case. These Trasks would not allow these natives to back to their reserve
and whats more sadly that San Diego county took part for removing these natives from there patent lands. Which we understand is still under their great grandfathers Jurisdiction. This is a very interesting case. We also understand this is the same bloodline of the San pasqual battlefield with general kearny. We also understand that their bloodline is of a rare royal indigenous family that acquires all the ancestors that has been recorded as "sacred with long youth and rare native maybe extraterrestrial hemoglobin.