Thursday, April 13, 2017

The FIRST ELEM Indian Colony Tribal Disenrollment: Delbert Thomas Sr and Family

I've recently published two articles on the most recent Elem Indian Colony Tribal Disenrollment actions, but I've been recently made aware of another one.  I want to be clear, that I want ALL disenrollment stories to be made public.  Watch the video below

On Nov 10 2007, 25 tribal members of the Elem Indian Colony were DISENROLLED without due process as required by ICRA.
25 tribal members were denied the right to enter and to vote. When an issue regarding membership disenrollment was presented,  a vote was then taken by the  remaining tribal members with the outcome of 41 for and 33 against the disenrollment.  OP:  Tribal Disenrollment to CONTROL  the VOTE.  Don't let people vote for their own survival?
Tribal Disenrollment Protest

Delbert Thomas Sr.  who was born and raised at EIC and one of the original 13 members of the Tribe was one of those stripped of citizenship and all rights afforded to tribal members.

As USUAL, the BIA could only speak ONE WORD on the issue: MARTINEZ 
when in REALITY, they FAILED in their DUTY:

The Secretary of the Interior is charged not only with the duty to protect the rights of the tribe, but also the rights of the individual members. And the duty to protect these rights is the same whether the infringement is  by non-members or by members of the tribe .



Anonymous said...

The reason that they failed to act is because of all the money that they receive from corrupt tribal leaders like Macarro and Smith.
Brothers in the devil.


The Secretary of the Interior is a "Straight Idiot' and We also think he's blind and "dumb'.."Dumb not to realize what is happening in these Native nations, Nations that were here first" The first Nations! The first born of God and his hosts!...Honestly, before aaaaaanyone.. they are "Blind for the fact, that all can SEE that the earth is retaliating.. These white wanna be owners do not know how sacred we must follow or ways, so that the earth can prosper. They do not sing to earth, They do not pray in vibration, they do not dance in celebration. Instead they bleed "her" the earth's Blood (oil) This is why this earth is retaliating' ..And as now This earth needs lots of "love and care" and repair. This greed of these corrupted Chairman and tribal councils and oil refineries is "disgusting" this brings forth horrid karmic Vibrations and disgraceful immorality to themselves and their bodies. All this will "Erupt'. The earth will have enough! "She will Shake and will not stop and won't stop,' She will shake". And let out fire, until it has destroyed all that is Wrong Wicked and evil. like Maccaro, fat Smith, Allen,Trump oil, Allen lawson and the rest of the Greedy Maggots who Scavenge " the forbidden bread"....Remember my words "They are not in Vain.. ~San pasqual 7th Queen.