Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rick Cuevas: Wait Til You Hear This Interview on Tribal Disenrollment

I received a call last week from Steve Eastman, owner of Wait Til You Hear THIS as he had read the recent Voice of America interview ( Tribal Disenrollment Reaching Epidemic Proportions ) I had done last month .

Rick Cuevas & Paulina Hunter
Original Pechanga

(photo by: Iliana Cuevas)

He wanted to do a short piece on his website, which is now producing PODCASTS,  so I have embedded it here.

Listen to "Wait Til You Hear This" on Tribal Disenrollment on Spreaker.

It's critical for all of us who are involved and our loved ones to SUPPORT those websites that spread the word about Disenrollments, Moratoriums and Banishments.     Please visit Steve's site linked above and share on social media.

It is edited due to time constraints, but Steve did get Grand Ronde, Enterprise, Robinson Rancheria and the disgraceful BIA into the finished product


Anonymous said...

What disenrolled families have actual DNA to prove they belong in the tribe?
I heard the foreman family from California actually dug up their ancestors to prove who they were and the tests came back almost perfect. Yet they were still kicked out? If this family has REAL proof where the hell is the BIA?! Is the foreman family the only family to do this?

'aamokat said...

At Pechanga, our blood really wasn't in question as they already acknowledge we are related to them. The dispute is over where our ancestor is from so DNA testing would do nothing for us.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

DNA testing is not the best answer for tribes. The reason is that the results are always stated in percentages, and most tribes fail to state what percentage is necessary to establish eligibility. Tribes can also reject reliable DNA test results and the BIA can't stop them. When I say tribes I mean the elected leaders of tribes, because the BIA conducts the government to government relationship with elected leaders, not with individual members.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure 99% is a reasonable percentage. I think DNA testing is good especially in the foreman family case. That family showed so much evidence it's sad they were denied even with DNA evidence that was completely ignored. Casino people only care about casino profits. Pure greed.