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It seems really chaotic unless you're a programmer. Google needs to think out of the programmer box and make things easy. It's like having to assemble your bicycle by hand any time you want to ride it. Hi Mark, Actually, there's an easier way to add an email subscription form by choosing the "Follow by email" gadget in the same pop-up window (step 2). It works the same, just that it can't be customized. See the screenshot. Part of the problem is what I call "Google Sprawl" -- Google has swallowed up so much, and so many other services, that there is no one clear answer for anything, and no streamlining of procedures/steps to get something to work. Wow, this is an interesting post. I really love this widget because loyal readers will always have lots on topics at hand to read. I have applied it in my blog, Subscribe to our Email Newsletter Enter your email address... 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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly Put On Notice of Contract Recision and ReAssumption


Since March 2016, the Nooksack tribe has NOT had a duly elected council. Here The Department of Health and Human Service puts Nooksack Chairman BOB KELLY on notice that they will be reassuming services after their failure to provide services to those unlawfully disenrolled (Nooksack 306). We have that embedded here:


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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to go Cherie Rhoades on this guy.