Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mark Macarro SHAMED for Destroying 8 Pechanga Generations #StopDisenrollment

Here are young descendants of Paulina Hunter, ages 5 thru 9 years, disenrolled from Pechanga 107 years after her death  They are the 8th generation of Pechanga people that are traceable.
Paulina Hunter Descendants
8th generation stripped of their heritage prior to birth by Mark Macarro

The children are the  REAL faces of those harmed by their own people, in this advocacy movement and in some cases, their OWN FAMILIES.
Been seeing a lot of pictures of Natives against Tribal Disenrollment, HAVE YOU posted?

Mark Macarro of Pechanga got rid of 25% of his tribe, including elders, and children and the UNBORN.  Additionally, he's kept his own COUSINS from their rightful place in the tribe.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017, was the one-year anniversary of the birth of the national advocacy campaign, #stopdisenrollment, the movement will recommence through news and social media.

Celebrated Indian author Sherman Alexie is headlining this year’s movement. Three tribal chairman have added their voices.  

This is the one day to focus on this issue for so many.  Don't let it go to waste. Go to stopdisenrollment.com and follow the directions.  Keep spreading the news, send emails to family and friends...and TRIBES who have harmed their own people.


Unknown said...

What a shameful thing to do to the Pechanga Indian children. This means
The Pechanga Tribe is destroying it's past, present and future. Disenrollment
Will eventually cause the end of a once great tribe. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Good picture tweet it?

WeRone said...

No person should be shunned or outcast, do unto others and you want done to you. Our Ancestors went through ALL the out casting by invaders taking their land, wifes, and children and shuffling them to here and there. Now we have members within some bands thinking its ok to duplicate what our Ancestors had already gone through.

Anonymous said...

That's because Macarro is a powerless dolt with the heart of a squaw married to an abusive white man. Aho'

Mr. Novack from Murrieta said...

how could you do this to these innocent children Mr. Macarro?
You should be ashamed of yourself for such an act of corruption that you are so guilty of. Just look at the hate on these poor children that you caused you are nothing but a greedy low life son of a bitch and I and my family and friends will never come to your Casino for any reason.
Oh and by the way, if you were on fire near me I would not even piss on you to help put out the flames.
But I am sure you will burn in Hell anyway.