Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nooksack Judge Ray Dodge Asked to RESIGN from NAICJA For Conduct Unbecoming, NON Compliance of ICRA

More embarrassment for the Nooksack Tribe and it's unelected, null and void council. The new judge, RAY DODGE, they installed to their court, after the previous judge, Susan Alexander ruled against their wished, has now been asked to RESIGN from the National American Indian Court Judges Association

MONEY QUOTE:  In sum, NAICJA does not view your Nooksack Tribal Court judicial appointment as valid. Further, while you have occupied the position of Chiefe Judge at Nooksack, proceedings do not appear to have been conducted in compliance with the federal ICRA or fundamental tenets of tribal due process at law.    
OP:  That's gonna leave a mark....and give the Department of Justice some leverage.

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