Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bureau of Indian Affairs SUED for $89 Million for ViOLATIONS of ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT and BREACH of Fiduciary Duty

A long simmering complaint of the real San Pasqual Descendants is reaching it's boiling point.  And we have the complaint linked below. 

The Bureau of Indian affairs has wrongfully enrolled non-San Pasqual Indians to the San Pasqual tribe, which is destroying and eroding the culture and tradition of this great tribe.  Director Amy Dutschke seems to have put the BIA in an awkward position with failure to notify the true San Pasqual descendants. 55  pages of responsive documents received via FOIA show once again they never gave notice to the true San Pasqual descendants enrolled by the SAN PASQUAL TRIBE in 2005.   So WHAT were they trying to do?

The 90 or so plaintiffs contend that the BIA have statutory rights to be federally recognized as members of the tribe. They are filing the suit to protect those rights.

Brief history:  In the late 1870's, a white man from Ohio by the name of Calvin Washburn set fire to the San Pasqual village and patented the land himself. He later sold the land to a man named Bevington, who had the San Pasqual legally ejected from their ancestral lands.

Although the true Kumeyaay lived in and around their land for years, it wasn't until 1910 that the government set aside land for them that was barren, rocky, and had no water. However, the San Pasqual had been successful farmers and saw that they could not cultivate on this land.

Therefore, the San Pasqual refused to settle on the land. Being that the land in the area was still subject to squatters; the Bureau hired a descendant of another white pioneer from Ohio to act as a caretaker of the land on behalf of the San Pasqual. The caretaker’s name was Frank Trask. Frank Trask was married to a half-blood Native American from the Mesa Grande Diegueno tribe. They moved on to the San Pasqual land in 1910.

 You can find the complaint here   The BIA have been SERVED.  As usual, they will probably drag their feet, but we will be sure to discuss this during our protest march in Sacramento October 6 & 7.  Please join us, please tell your friends and family that are local.

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We posted a letter of support on this issue in 2009.  Is the BIA trying to show CONTEMPT for the San Pasqual Descendants, or trying to hide their contempt? Sen. Dianne Feinstein is aware of the issues.

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