Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Can Pechanga, Pala, Saginaw Chippewa and Chukchansi FOLLOW THE LEAD of Elem Colony, Robinson Rancheria and Enterprise?

This last week  brought to good news that the Elem Indian Colony will halt their disenrollment actions against their own people.  This simple statement can end all the acrimony and pain of the many disenrolling tribes, we've discussed for over a DECADE:

The Executive Committee of Elem Indian Colony, a federally recognized Indian Tribe in Lake County, California, is proud to announce that all actions taken towards the potential disenrollment of Tribal members have been permanently withdrawn.  

The Executive Committee is also taking the necessary actions to begin the Secretarial Election process to amend Elem’s Constitution with input from all members, and by that process to permanently prohibit disenrollment. 

The Executive Committee looks forward to working with all Elem membersto heal the tragic wounds of decades of internal disputes by affirming and nurturing Elem’s traditional values of Tribal unity and collaboration for the benefit of all members

Bring our Ancestors and our FUTURE

Substituting my tribe, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians which operates the Pechanga Resort & Casino, would help establish them as a leader, rather than the disgrace they are right now.
Chukchansi has 600 of their people in the wilderness.
Redding Rancheria could restore the family of their 1st chairman after restoration.
Nooksack could end their foolishness
Pala could restore 150 of their surviving disenrollees.  Saginaw Chippewa nearly 200.

BRING BACK PEACE in Casino Indian Country.  Bring ALL the people HOME where they belong.  Honor the ANCESTORS



Anonymous said...

If PALA would even consider doing this and letting the disenrolled back in the Tribe where they belong would be a huge blessing for the entire Band.
The Casino would prosper like crazy and all the hate that is killing our people would turn to love.
But we all know that corruption has taken over our Tribe/Band and the greed of money and power overrides all the good that we once shared.

Anonymous said...

I as a researcher do not understand how Pala disenrolled the Trujillo family.
Their Grandmother was Esperanza Trujillo who came from Warner Springs
on the wagons and received an allotment in Pala and should have according to Customs and Traditions of the Band been considered a full blooded Cupeno Indian and the fact that everyone that was on the Trail of Tears in the Wagon Train was to be considered a full blood
when they settled in Pala according to Tribal Law.
And also their Grandfather Pedro P. Trujillo is recorded in the BIA
as 7/8's luiseno from LaJolla so how could this family not have the blood degree to be enrolled in the Pala Band.
Sounds like something is very fishy.