Thursday, April 27, 2017

Auntie Margretty Rabang WINS Battle in Nooksack War Against the 306

Photo:  Philip A. Dwyer

Excellent news that the court has held that Auntie Margretty Rabang's lawsuit CAN CONTINUE,

You can read the order HERE but here is a MONEY QUOTE:

Having thoroughly considered the parties’ briefing and the relevant record, the Court finds oral argument unnecessary and hereby DENIES Plaintiffs’ motion to continue and GRANTS in part and DENIES in part

Translation:  SO CUT and dried, we don't NEED to hear no stinkin' Bob Kelly Argument.

AND this:

"[T]hese are very rare circumstances. The DOI has found such disenrollment decisions to be invalid due to a lack of quorum, and the DOI decisions stand during the interim until the DOI and BIA recognize a newly elected Tribal Council or the DOI decisions are invalidated. Under this set of facts, this Court has jurisdiction."

Read more about the issue   HERE  and HERE


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