Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pechanga's Masiel-Basquez Crime Family is Four Generations Long

I've had requests to move this up and, since we are on vacation this week, here it is for you.  Please take a look at our links and the fill in the story.

Update from Pechanga protest: Leiva family members, better known as the Masiel Basquez crime family were harassing protesters at Pechanga resort and Casino. Felon Raymond Basquez Jr. One of the more stupid members of the family was one and Yolie "they are just herbs" McCarter was another. They had no effect, as we know, bullies are just cowards at heart.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has a crime family that spans GENERATIONS.

It's well known that the young, thuggish generation of the Masiel-Basquez crime family are violent offenders, which we reported on HERE and HERE the next older generation of criminals HERE and HERE and HERE and NOW WE KNOW where they get it from:

Francisca Leivas Basquez
As shown below there are two pieces of evidence that show the Matriach of the Basquez family, Francisca Leyva (Leivas) tried to defraud the government and gain of three per capita checks when only one was legal. Fraud, such as her family then perpetrated on the Pechanga Band.

Sins of the mother, passed on to her progeny.

How can the Pechanga Members continue to support them? How much theft has to happen?

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