Monday, October 3, 2016

Tribal Disenrollment: UPDATE: GRANDE RONDE General Council ADVISED to FOLLOW the LAW: Reinstate Chief Tumulth Descendants

Hearing word from the Grand Ronde community that at their meeting yesterday, they got some sage advice from the Tribal Council's lead attorney ROB GREENE on the Chief Tumulth's descendants decision:

COMPLY with the ruling of the APPELLATE COURT

That would seem to make things much easier during the enrollment committee meeting today.  Please ....stay tuned and pray that they do the right thing.

Here's part of that ruling:
"In light of the undisputed facts regarding the 27 year unreasonable delay in the tribe bringing this action and the reasonably anticipated prejudice and harm that petitioners would suffer if the tribe were allowed to proceed with this disenrollment action we hold that laches prevents the tribe and enrollment committee/board from so proceeding," Robert J. Miller, a member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe who serves as chief justice of the Grand Ronde appeals court, wrote in the 22-page opinion...

Why is it so difficult to DO THE RIGHT THING?
UPDATE:  REPORTS coming in that the ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE has DONE THE RIGHT THING and brought the Chief Tumulth Descendant BACK on the TRIBAL ROLLS...STAY TUNED for more details. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all involved. Hope the council doesn't get in the way of justice

Anonymous said...

If this is successful, will it be useful for other disenrollees of other tribes with no justice? Will it be considered a precedent? Or no? Thank you for anyone who can clarify this.


Yes... Sign of greatness and restoration Saving the last Indian blood lines..many blessings will follow this tribe for there mercy and great repentance.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

This recommendation from the tribe's lead attorney is significant only if the tribal leaders follow it. The tribal court has already ruled that laches prevent disenrollment of the Tumulth descendants. Is the lead attorney more influential than the tribal court? If the attorney is indeed more influential than a tribal court ruling then the leaders should be held in contempt.