Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Energy Transfer Partners WILL PROSECUTE #NoDAPL Protesters to "fullest extent of the law"

The AP is reporting:

The developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline said Tuesday that the dozens of protesters who have camped on company-owned land since the weekend are trespassing and that "lawless behavior will not be tolerated."
Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners said in a statement that it wants all protesters to vacate its land in North Dakota immediately.
"Alternatively and in coordination with local law enforcement and county/state officials, all trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and removed from the land," the statement said.
American Indians and others who oppose the construction of the four-state oil pipeline set up the new camp of tents and teepees Sunday, moving their long-running protest directly in the project's path for the first time.  Still no comments from Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump


White Buffalo said...

It makes me sad to see these uncaring people treat Natives and our environment in such a harmful way. What is worse is that there is no outrage from non-natives. Sure it would be nice to see one or both of the candidates speak up and defend this movement to save the land, but we know that this is never going to happen. Not when there is money involved, or when the money is opposed to the concerns of the people. Democrat, Republican, or Independent it does not matter. We have known this is how it works since we started fighting for our history and culture back in 2003 before we got disenrolled that it was going to take more than money to beat this corruption. We knew and still know it is going to take a movement where there is broad popular support. This means the majority of the population of the country not just the family member's who were affected. This is also true for this movement. What helps this movement is the scope of harm that might occur if the water table is contaminated by pollutants from the pipeline. If it was just the pipeline on Indian land the Indians would lose.

Anonymous said...

Pala really needs help in todays world.
It seems that no one was allowed to run against the incumbents this year at the Elections Meeting because of the threats that were being made by Smith and his butt licking EC.
The threats were that anyone who nominated anyone to run against the
EC members would be dealt with. So it looks like Hitler wins again
unless someone takes him out.