Friday, October 14, 2016

It's ONLY WATER for INDIANS: EPA Employees Responsible for Mine Disaster Will Not Face Criminal Charges


Federal prosecutors have decided not to bring criminal charges to Environmental Protection Agency employees involved with the 2015 leak of wastewater at an abandoned mine, the agency’s inspector general announced this week.
The EPA’s inspector general previously launched a criminal probe in conjunction with the Justice Department after the work of EPA employees led to a blowout at the Gold King Mine in Colorado, which resulted in 3 million gallons of toxic water spilling into multiple rivers in the region. The IG said an EPA employee may have violated the Clean Water Act and False Statements laws. The U.S. Attorney’s Office, however, has declined to prosecute the employee.
“In lieu of criminal prosecution, the OIG will prepare a Report of Investigation for submission to EPA’s senior management for review,” said Jeffrey Lagda, a spokesman for the IG’s office. He added the agency is required to report any administrative action it takes in response.
The report acknowledged employees missed some warning signs and failed to take certain precautions to prevent the spill, but ultimately found the blowout was “likely inevitable” due to built up pressurization.

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Anonymous said...

The EPA is just another Government entity that exists to take the people's money and do nothing for it. It is a huge group of people that all they have to do is mention global warming and the public listens to them and gives them what they want, while the whole time they are letting so many things go unchecked, and even worse, they purposely let things happen if they are handed money, jobs, or promotions. We need to rid the country of the EPA and get some real people who care about the environment but also understand their limits.