Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two White Racists Attack Indigenous People's Day Marchers in RENO. At least 4 injured

Our friend Quanah Brightman who stood with us in Sacramento BIA protest tells the story of this HATE CRIME:

The group had stopped under the arch for a photo. According to Quanah Brightman, the driver had been "stalking" the group.

“This is a hate crime,” Brightman said. “It’s still brutal to see this kind of racism in America. That man deserves life (in prison) for what he did.”

Details from Facebook post

Two white men in a white Nissan pickup plates Nevada 218-PWS drove into marchers after first being seen at the rally start point, driving by once shouting slurs, and then doubling back around to get in front of the protesters before driving into them.

One elder, a grandmother there with her grandchildren, was hospitalized with injuries to her legs, a broken tailbone, and further tests pending. She is stable and in good spirits. She was planning to depart for #StandingRock tomorrow.

At this time, the attackers have been contacted by law enforcement but not cited or arrested.

#IndigenousPeoplesDay #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #StandWithReno #StandWithStandingRock #WaterProtecters #HateCrime

Source videos:

Screen-Reader Accessible Timeline of Taylor's main source video:

[singing, drumming, and chanting throughout]
0:15 white truck drives past march, honking, yells “go to hell, motherfuckers!”
0:23 black car honks repeatedly
1:25 marchers have completely blocked the street
1:42 leader chants “We were invaded, not discovered! This is not Columbus Day! This is Indigenous Peoples' Day”
2:45 audible honking, no vehicle visible
2:50 same white truck enters frame, revs engine, brakes in front of protesters, continues to rev and honk
2:55 marchers approach car windows
3:05 verbal confrontation begins, “I'll fuck you up, I'll fuck you up”
[singing and chanting end]
3:15 leader repeatedly yells “Stand your ground! Stand your ground!”
3:21 marcher “you gotta go around, man”
3:23 red car stopped behind truck turns left down clear side street, gray car follows
3:27 marchers move immediately in front of the truck
3:32 marcher “you gotta go around”
3:35 truck driver “I'll fuck you up, I'll fuck you up”
3:39 license plate visible: 21B-PWS
3:48 driver gestures, long black sleeve visible, yells “get the fuck out of my way!” marcher replies “Go around!”
3:51 driver guns engine and drives into protesters, marcher yells “hey, hey, hey!!”
[marchers screaming]
3:53 protester appears to be knocked down, legs may have been run over by the truck
3:58 truck speeds off
4:00 image glitch
4:04 marcher shouts “call the cops!”
4:11 audible screams, circle of marchers kneeling around victim
4:15 “I got it, I got it, I got it, I got behind the truck” from camera operator(?)
4:18 “We have a video!” from individual off-screen
4:30 “We have a license plate”

According to police, the driver of the vehicle stopped several blocks away and called police to provide his account of the events. The driver and passenger of the pickup truck were interviewed and are cooperating with the ongoing investigation, police said.


Anonymous said...

Remember that these protest might put focus on evil leaders of tribes, and they will do anything to protect their positions, even hire someone to hurt their opposition.

Anonymous said...

Creating their own False Flag Event.