Monday, October 3, 2016

Dora Jones UNSEATED in Chukchansi Elections, A Sign of Good Things to Come?

Dora Jones and Nokomis Hernandez, incumbent members of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians tribal council, were ousted in an election Saturday night.
Their replacements are Heather Airey and Patrick Hammond, two of 17 tribal members who challenged for three seats on the seven-member council.
Incumbent Tom Walker retained his seat.
Dora Jones had been REMOVED FROM COUNCIL BEFORE  and this is a sign of potentially good things 
Tribal disenrollee Cathy Cory commented on the election results:

It must be remembered that Dora jones, and the remaining three holdovers on council--Morris Reid, Dixie Jackson, and Harold Hammond--all were responsible for the mass disenrollments at picayune in 2006-2007 as PRCI tribal council members at that time....until and unless they accept their responsibility in the destruction at Picayune, make amends for this, and bring all people home the circle will remain broken....
Patrick Hammond is an interesting addition to the council, as he also needs to make amends to those disenrolled at picayune in 2006-2007, as he was the enrollment chairman at that time, presented at and participated in the disenrollment "hearings" of these people, and proceeded with the arbitrary and capricious disenrollment of hundreds of chukchansi people. If he truly wants to serve the people of Picayune, he needs to start with making amends to the huge number of Chukchansi people disenrolled with his willing assistance by advocating on this council to bring us ALL home--where WE BELONG!

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