Tuesday, October 11, 2016

QUANAH BRIGHTMAN Speaks out at Native Lives Matter Protest in Sacramento: Videos of United Native Americans Leader

Supporter of those who have been disenrolled for many years, Quanah Brightman, head of the United Native Americans activist group, joined protesters at the Sacramento Bureau of Indian Affairs office.

Here's some video of him speaking to us, energizing us for the continued battle.

Here, he is introducing himself to those who had yet to meet him:

Here, he discusses the corruption of the "APPLES" in charge of some tribes:

And of course, ONLY Quanah Brightman can CALL FOR THE dismantling of the BIA....in FRONT of the BIA....!

View that HERE  THANK YOU, my friend for being there is support of all of us, and for the work you and your team do...


adahya.wordpress.com said...

Oh so positively Right On & TY !

Lela said...

Thank you Quanah