Monday, October 3, 2016

United Auburn Indian Community THIEF gets EIGHT YEARS. TRIBES that STEAL from their PEOPLE get FREE PASS

STEAL from TRIBE, you get JAIL.  If Tribes steal from their People...BUPKIS

Prison time for Money Launderer

A key player in a multi-million-dollar fraud scheme targeting the Auburn-based tribe that owns Thunder Valley Casino has been sentenced to an eight-year, six-month prison term.

Bart Wayne Volen, 54, of San Diego was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Sacramento on convictions of conspiring to launder money that was fraudulently obtained from the United Auburn Indian Community and filing false tax information.

At sentencing Thursday, Judge Troy Nunley told Volen that he had stolen from people who had become like family members to the former construction manager of the tribal school and office complex at Indian Hill Road and Auburn Folsom Road in Auburn.

“Bart Volen and his co-defendants used their trusted positions to steal millions of dollars from the UAIC,” said IRS Special Agent Michael Batdorf. “Rather than stopping the fraud, Mr. Volen chose to benefit from it.”

Remember when  United Auburn used THEIR trusted positions and  banished their own people and stole their per capita?   We do


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Michael Batdorf don't forget to go to Pala and talk to Robert Smith about his ties to the Indian Community.
He also steals from the Indian Tribe in which he is the Chairman along with the Tribal Treasure, Theresa J. Nieto.

Anonymous said...

Yes please Mr.Batdorf, if you are an Agent that can't be bought off
please come and investigate the Pala Tribal Chairman and the Tribal Treasure be our hero and save the Tribe.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Note that this conviction deals with a third party contractor and not with the tribal leaders. It is likely that there was a conspiracy to commit fraud between the tribal leaders and this contractor and that both parties benefited from the conspiracy. If this is the case, it means that once again the authorities have failed to prosecute tribal leaders. It gives little hope that there would be such action in Pala.