Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trial Date Set for Former Pechanga Insurance Agent of Record James Riley

An April 26,2012 trial date has been set for the former insurance agent to the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians James Riley.

After 2 years of continuances, Judge Richard Fields orders NO FURTHER continuances to be granted, and counsel are ordered NOT to be engaged in any other trial.

No word on the FBI investigations into corruption at the Pechanga Reservation. Pechanga is well known for stealing the per capita of 25% of its tribe, totals now reach over $300 million. They also cancelled health insurance for seniors and children, forcing their health care onto the backs of Californians.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it will be interesting to see what information comes out in his dealing with the tribal government.

Anonymous said...

was not Rayn Robbinson part of this.

Anonymous said...

They would have separate trials for Ryan Robinson.

Wonder if his pillow talk with the former PDC member would come up>?

OPechanga said...

Does anyone REALLY believe that these two guys are going to come up with a scam that would take millions?

They HAVE to have had some help. When things go bad, it's much easier to throw them under a bus.

Did ANY member of the PGC take the fifth at the grand jury?

smokeybear said...

You have got to know that these 2 guys are only the "Tip Of The Iceberg." They were set up, long ago, to take the "Fall" if anything went wrong. "Corruption" at its finist.

Unknown said...

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