Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ACLU Jumps the Shark on Religious Freedom and is Absent on Civil Rights Abuses by Tribes Against Their Own People

Many of our family and friends have asked, "WHY don't you ask the ACLU for help on these obvious civil rights matters?" The answer is we have, numerous times. But the questions remain as to whether they actually do care about civil rights, or are simply an organization that pushed a political agenda.

Our friends at Hot Air have a post up on the current administrations assault on religious freedoms. And then it brings into focus why the Obama administration has been no help on our issues either. It seems they want to have fewer Indians.

Read the Hot Air story here


White Buffalo said...

“It seems they want to have fewer Indians”

This has been the intent and policy of the US. This goes back at least 500 yrs. to when the first invaders of this continent discovered what the continent had to offer. I think it is ridiculous to hear that Columbus discovered America. Personally I think our family would have argued that this land was never lost. As for reducing the number of Indians, I have in the past mentioned that the outright killing of the people, forced placement on reservations, and termination efforts have reduced our numbers from about 8 million to approximately 2 million today. It should be understood that of those 2 million only a small percentage are from recognized tribes.

The loss of our Indian identity has been described as Assimilation or Culturside you take your pick what it boils down to is that federal policy has never changed, so why blame just one man. The agents of Culturicide are our very own tribes, so why blame one man when the problem is endemic. Our own people do the bidding of others, What good is the money that those who are still left have when the culture and history of the people have been erased through disenfranchisement and disenrollment. There is clear evidence that tribes have lost their identity to people who can not show a direct connection to the land. For the sake of gold and power the way of the Indian goes into the night. At least in the case of Pechanga the true spirit has left the people.

Anonymous said...

The spirit of the true Pechanga people has been bent, but hopefully not broken.

The policy of evil that is coming from the tribal council will end. The hateful crew is getting older..and the young haters more stupid.

Anonymous said...

Not only the ACLU is absent, but the NARF hasn't stepped up.

The CILS is a joke.

smokeybear said...

Nicely put, White Buffalo.

smokeybear said...

The "Casino Indians" have powerful "Lobbyists" (It's All About The Money) to insure that their "Corrupt and Criminal Acts" aren't "Questioned!" And with "Chickenhawk's" backing their every play, it isn't about to be anytime soon.