Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morongo Tribal Execs Spend $1 Million in Travel Expenses in 2010.

The website  The Indian Runner has some interesting articles.

Tribal Council Expenses

During 2010, Macho, Dennis, Damon and Charles were found to have used their tribal credit card to spend over one million dollars for travel expenses. After some research on the accounting procedures for these costs, we discovered the credit card bills were paid for by the Casino and were deducted out of the profits before per capita was calculated.
Therefore: these bills came directly out of our Per Capita. When caught red handed Macho was heard to say " I didn't know I couldn't do that". To this day Council Members continues to justify their actions and only a small portion of the money has been returned.

APPARENTLY, some Morongo tribal council members have NO common sense. $250,000 EACH? That's $5,000 per week. Why stay at a Marriott Courtyard when you can stay at a Ritz-Carlton?

Didn't Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro shorter brother do the same thing? Family vacations on the tribe?


Anonymous said...

This article mentions John Macarro. He isn’t on the Tribal Council but he did use the Tribal credit card for his own personal use. He head legal advisor for Pechanga but does not have a license to practice law in California. John Macarro position does not authorize him for the Tribal credit card so he embezzled money from the Tribe for his own personal gain. Being Marks brother he probably got a raise.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't John Macarro's 1st time. In fact he's done if for years. He just finally got caught by my good friend the Treasure. And where do you think he learned it from...Good o'l Bro! When Mark was dating his lover Holly he would use Tribal Credit Card to fly 1st Class to D.C. every week to see her. $8k!

Anonymous said...

Why don't the tribal members look into expenses? It would affect their per capita.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Mark Macarro has moved to Virginia. Does he use tribal money to fly back and forth from his new home to work?

Anonymous said...

Macarro shouldn't be charging the tribe to come back to do his duty

White Buffalo said...

No Corny uses the corporate jet the tribe owns.