Thursday, February 9, 2012

Open Letter Requesting The Native American Caucus of the DEMOCRATIC Party Stand Up For The Civil Rights of Native American who have been Harmed by: Pechanga, Redding, Picayune, Pala and the BIA via Their Inaction

Here is an open letter to the NAC of the Democratic Party. We hope they care about civil rights of THOUSANDS of Native Americans in the state that have been violated right under the noses of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Native American Caucus of the
California Democratic Party

Dear NAC Members,

I am writing to ask for your support in protecting the civil rights of Native Americans in California.

I’m sure you have read about the shameful acts of disenrollment that are in the newspapers now. Most recently, the Pala Reservation, United Auburn, San Pascual Band, as well as the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians are in the process of terminating Native Americans from their tribes.

This follows the despicable actions of tribes such as the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the Redding Rancheria, which eliminated so many people last decade to control power and to punish those who spoke out against injustice.

Pechanga terminated 25% of their tribal members, including descendents of an original reservation allottee and descendents of the man upon whose land grant their casino sits. Their own experts proved the heritage of one family, yet the tribe didn’t use the report they paid for as it didn’t fit their agenda.

The Redding Rancheria forced a family to desecrate the burial ground of their ancestor to extract DNA to prove their heritage and with 99.8% match; they terminated the family of their first tribal chairman.

Please stand up for the THOUSANDS of Indians who have been harmed by tribes. The loss of voting rights, elder care and the threats by corrupt councils to evict our brothers and sisters from their homes and to steal their property is NOT something the Democratic Party should stand for.

Please commit your caucus to the enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 (25 U.S.C. Sec.1301 and following), which safeguards tribal sovereignty while simultaneously ensuring that the civil rights of Indian people are protected.

Stand up for those who have been harmed by those who use sovereignty like a club to beat the weak and helpless.

Please stand up against a corrupt tribal council like Pechanga, who has harmed nearly 400 Native Americans, or Picayune which has eliminated 70% of their tribes. Don’t be fooled by a small donation, when if fact Pechanga has stolen $330 Million from rightful tribal people and Picayune is taking away heating stipends from their elders.

Please educate yourselves by looking in on Original Pechanga’s Blog at which details the issues. Don’t stand by while the abuses and tribal terrorism continue. Your expression of moral outrage at these tribes must be clear and vocal. We stood up to sovereign nations like South Africa that abused their people, PLEASE, stand up for California Indians.



Anonymous said...

Please Democratic Party, step up and defend the Native Americans that have been harmed by casino Indians.

Don't take blood money

Anonymous said...

It's a good letter, however I think that asking the Democrats who (a Majority)went along with voting yes on the NDAA (National Defence Authorisation Act)Specifically sections 1021,1022,and1023,which were originally written as sections 1031,1032,and 1033 is a vacant and void gesture. These sections of the NDAA codifies the unlawful and illegal detention of Amercian Citizens and any legal resident. It renders the U.S.Constitution null and void. The NDAA allows for U.S. Citizens and Legal Residents to be held permanently (imprisoned) in the U.S.A. indefinitely without any charges being filed, It suspends your right to an attorney,and Habeaus Corpus petitions are not allowed. So my dear Indian Brothers and Sisters please don't look to the Democrats or Obama(who signed this fully facist law into effect on New Years Eve of 2011) for any help from the Democrats. Occupy wallstreet!Flags in the air

flags in the air said...

Here we go again I had posted this comment and I actually saw this comment posted and then it was removed.By whom I do not know but please don't censor me. Here is my comment.
It is a good letter but asking the Democratic party (who by Majority) voted for NDAA is a vacant and void gesture. The NDAA is the National Defence Authorization Act which was signed into law by Obama on New Years Eve of 2011. There has been a media blackout of this law, Specifically sections 1021,1022,and 1023(which were formally sections 1031,1032 and 1033.)These sections allow and codifie under law the indefinite and unlawful detention and imprisonment of U.S. Citizens and Legal permanent residents on the soil of the USA. It allows for indefinite detention without any charges being filed and no attorney is allowed or provided to the detainees.Habeaus Corpus petitions are suspended under this law.This facist law renders the U.S. Constitution null and void. So my dear Indian Brothers and Sisters while I wish you success with the Democrats remember to Occupy Wallstreet!Flags in the air

Anonymous said...

So with Obama being a facist, then the hope and change he promised us was a lie?

When the Democrats say they are for civil's a lie?

creeper said...

DUH...yes it is.