Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chukchansi Elders Voices Cry Out From The Reservation

Our Friends from Sierra Star had a letter printed from a Chukchansi Elder. It's worth reading. If the Star wasn't keeping this out front, few people would see it. Please help by sharing on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and email.

Tribal concerns fall to the wayside.

Where is our due process, civil rights, freedom of speech, sovereign immunity? Our rights to policy, procedures and votes -- all phases ruling one-sided.

Tribal people without an appeal process.

Lack of Bureau of Indian Affairs assistance has caused a void standing with the Department of Interior at the local level and with Washington D.C.

Hearings in federal court or a tribal court system on a reservation hinders all investigating processes for tribal people concerned with tribal legal affairs, constitution (interregnum) interpretation, rulings, due process, filings of appeals, (Habeas Corpus) banishment from our lands, our identity, dishonoring our elders and tribal children's futures.

The cry of the people that have been enrolled and recognized through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, now banished and forgotten, have a right to be heard at a local level, for without the tribal people, there would be no grants, 638 contracts serving all tribal people, casino compacts, memorandum of understandings with county, state and federal levels, and tribal revenues that go out to all counties and communities -- the later phase discarded due to an audit for disenrollments.

Where is the justice and honor? My Chukchansi people have been broken and divided by our own casino, revenues and serving tribal governing bodies.

What's next?

The cry of an elder(s).

Susan "Adena Johnson" Holguin, Madera;



smokeybear said...

This could be said about all the "Corrupt and Criminal Casino Tribes" throughout "Indian Country." If the "Shoe Fits?"

Anonymous said...

More like, IF a TREE FALLS and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

If Corrupt Criminal Casino Tribes violate the rights of their people and they don't stand up for themselves, will anybody care?