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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strange Happenings At Chukchansi: Checks Going Out To Long Time Disenrolled for Unknown Children

We have received word that a few people who were disenrolled from Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians last decade, have received checks for "clothing allowances" for minor children. That'd be terrific news, making one think that the tribal council members who signed the checks, in this case Nancy Ayala and Nokomis Hernandez were coming to their senses.

But the strange thing is that they never heard of this "minor child". Also strange is that these people were disenrolled in 2006. WHY would Chukchansi have them on any roster that would allow them to be paid?

IS it POSSIBLE that Picayune is conceivably continuing to use disenrolled
tribal members in their statistics reported to the federal government in order to secure grant monies?

Need I say, "FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT of FEDERAL FUNDS?" Isn't this an example of "waste, fraud and abuse" our President is looking to eliminate? IS the Chukchansi tribe not telling the BIA and the Feds how many people they REALLY have on the roster?

Unless the Chukchansi Tribe enrolled a lot of new people recently, how many do they have? Does the BIA even CHECK? Or do they just hand out money with no oversight? Anyone?   Deutschke? Deutschke?


Anonymous said...

I hope they made some copies of the checks and have let the F.B.I. know.

Taking down another tribal leader or two after Bobby Salgado and that person from Robinson... it's time!

stand your ground said...

Could Pechanga be doing the same?Would be interesting to find out and then report this to the appropriate authorities.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pechanga takes any federal money....

Anonymous said...

Exactly what does the BIA do?

Anonymous said...

BIA only accept suggestion from Tribal Council and Tribal Officials! Chairperson and Vice-chair or Secretary correspondance! Are we talking about nationwide or just Sacramento California? California Legal department sucks! I think we know who controls it. We are dealing with those who only accept favors from tribal leaders, individual Native have no reprentation when it comes to BIA they don't want to make the Council Mad they might not get their monthly deferred payment from the Casino's, or they might have to lessen the payments to those who claim they deserve all grant money for themselves. A group of individuals who have dis-enrolled and reclassified verified natives from a number of tribes.

'aamokat said...

"I don't think Pechanga takes any federal money...."

Where have you been? Pechanga and other tribes do get federal dollars even though some of them, namely lucrative gaming tribes, really don't need it anymore.