Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Indian Rights & Resources Organization to Have Representation at American Indian Law Review Sovereignty and Identity Symposium

There will be a Symposium on Sovereignty and Identity in Oklahoma March 1. John Gomez Jr. civil rights activist and a disenrolled member of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from Temecula CA will be on a panel discussing Contemporary Perspectives: Current legal issues surrounding tribal membership
and Indian identity. Mr. Gomez represents the American Indian Rights & Resources Organization

I'm sure the topics will include tribes not following their own constitutions. Disenrollments are an epidemic in California's Indian Gaming Country. Tribal terrorism is on the rise as tribal member fear speaking out for justice.

Additional participants in Jon Velie, who will discuss the Cherokee Freedmen issue. The Freedmen are descendents of the slaves dragged along the "Trail of Tears" property.

Symposium Agenda


smokeybear said...

Question: What, if anything said at this conference, will bring "Justice" to the "American Indian?" Don't get me wrong, this is another chance at showing all the "Injustice" that plagues the "Native American Indian" since the advent of the "Casino Indian" mentality of stripping the true "Lineal Decendents" of their "Birthright" for nothing more then "Greed!" I guess we will have to "Hide and Watch" and see what will come of this, and will it fall on "Deaf Ears" as "Always."

OPechanga said...

I'm sure they will accept letters of support.

Nothing but knowledge comes from events like these. This is not law, this is educational.

The more we educate people on what's happening, the better.