Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome to Our New Readers and Thank You.

Thank you for coming and we hope you come back. The unfortunate violence at the Chukchansi Casino and the impending disenrollments at San Pascual and Pala have brought the civil and human rights violations back into focus.

We include links in most of our articles and we have an extensive archive on our right sidebar. Additionally, the pictures on the sidebar are linked to stories we feel need exposure.

We appreciate you coming and hope that you can share our site with your friends, classmates and family. Our comments are open, please be polite.


smokeybear said...

Thank you "Very Much."..."Nice!" You have a way of putting these "Grievious Acts," perpetrated by the B.I.A., into "Perpective," with their "Hidden Agenda" for nothing more then $$$ and there "Underlying Quest" to keep the "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Leaders," of their choosing, in power for their own "Self Interest!" They know, all too well, that the I.C.R.A. has no substance, as it is written, to actually protect the "Native American Indian" from these "Criminal Acts." Way back in the 1960s, when Congress held a series of hearings on the subject of the authority of Tribal Governments. These hearings told about the abuses that many tribal members had endured from the "sometimes corrupt, incompetent, or tyrannical tribal officials." In response to these occurrences, the Indian Civil Rights Act was enacted. To what "END?" It can't be stated as "Sometimes" Corrupt, Incompetent, or Tyrannical Tribal Officials" any longer, for with the advent of "Casino," in the hands of these "Greedy, Corrupt,Criminal, and Money Hungery Tribal Leaders," it is "Commonplace." Illegal Disenrollments and Banishments to "Bolster" their "Quest" for more $$$ at the "Expense" of "Legal Lineal Decendents." And your right, the B.I.A. isn't going to help the "Oppressed Indian" anytime soon....."There's no Money in it." The "I.C.R.A is ineffective, with no "Provision" to take down these "Criminals." The "I.C.R.A. needs to be "Revampt" to include the these "Provisions."

Anonymous said...

It's sites like this one that can help push some eyelids open.

Thank you for spreading the word. Unfortunately for those suffering, the journey is not a short one.

Don't fall out, get more involved.

smokeybear said...

Question: "Where are we today?..."Still on the Outside Looking In!"...And the "Corrupt and Criminal Casino Indians" still practice their "Treasonous Acts" again "Indians of Legal Decent!"..."Because they can!" We need to "Occupy Pechanga?"