Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Illegitimate Chukchansi Government Chains & Blockades Tribal Offices

Does this sound like the actions of a legitimate government? Wouldn't you think they would be proud of what they had done? Are they afraid of their own people?

A report from our Central California friends:

The tribal offices remain closed, and have been locked and chained since immediately following the "illegal" installment of the "new" council December 26th, 20ll--almost eight weeks ago.

The entrances not only are chained, but are blocked by Picayune
Tribal vehicles inside the gates and guarded by at least two members of security at each chained/blocked entrance.

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smokeybear said...

Who says it was an "Illegal Election?"..."Lewis?...That "Rat Bastard" has done nothing but "Rip Off His Membership!" And he didn't like the "Outcome?" "Too...Damn Bad!" You were "Defeated,"...Now let your membership: "Heal," without you!"