Friday, February 24, 2012

Redding Rancheria, Which Ruined Many Lives, LOSES in Court. Civil Right Violators Do Not Benefit

The Redding Rancheria loses in court, where they were trying to get a second casino approved.

Last week, federal Judge Samuel Conti of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco approved the department's request for a summary judgment against the Rancheria. A summary judgment is a court decision on the evidence before going to trial.

Marston said he thought the Rancheria could win an appeal. "I think Judge Conti is just wrong," he said.

The tribe had argued that the department's regulations governing opening new Indian casinos went beyond what Congress intended, according to Conti's decision.

To open a casino, the government has to acquire property in trust for a tribe and determine the property would be eligible for gaming. The Rancheria applied for that determination in March 2009, according to Hawk's letter denying the tribe's request to open a new casino.

While the tribe was seeking approval to open a second casino, Rancheria CEO Tracy Edwards told the Record Searchlight in February 2010 that her organization had no immediate plans for the property

We already know Tracy Edwards is a thief and scoundrel, so what she says always has to be taken with a grain of salt.


smokeybear said...

Well now, these "Thieves" got "Nailed!" But not for the right reasons. Should of been for their "Corrupt and Criminal Acts" of "Human and Civil Rights Violations" against their own "People."

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about this deal is that in the article when this land was purchased, they (redding rancheria) stated it was not for a casino. I guess tracy edwards' name should be "pinnochio"?